Mother Of The Year

Max: "Chas and Sam won't let me PLAY! They say I'm a SPOILED BRAT! You go over there and tell them (stamps foot) to LET ME PLAY and (tears pour forth) I'm NOT spoiled!!!"

MOTY: "Well. Frankly, you do sound a bit like a spoiled brat, to me."

Max: Stamps off.

There will be no award for me this year, alas. Again.


My commenters, who are my reason for blogging and who make the sun shine and birds sing in my bloggy world, have been ignored for LONG ENOUGH! You make me laugh, and I love you. Several questions have been asked in comments lately, and I will try to remember them and answer them now.


I live in the Twin Island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. I am migrating (returning?) to Bournemouth, England. (The kids have to come too). Sean will be heading back to Mauritania in a few weeks, and then it looks like he's off to Libya. Livin' on the edge!

I'm an artist. I paint and stuff, and I have a business making framed tile "Trivets" which are very pretty but business sucks nowadays, yes siree.

I will most certainly continue blogging when we move, of course! I need to take SOME friends with me! I'm going to seriously need you guys!

Chas sits the dreaded 11+ exam on the 26th March, even though we are leaving. He might as well. We leave at the end of April, hopefully! The boys should be able to get right into a school in Bournemouth. Fingers crossed.

Theresa, I know Mikael is you!

No, we never did find out where they sold the weed.


In other news, The desktop computer has crashed (Sean says NO IT HASN'T, it's somethingorother needs re-thingying. You'll have to ask him) and there seems to be a voltage problem in our house which the computer doesn't like. Sean is getting it fixed, which is good because ALL of our photos are on there and I am having a crisis about that. I know, I bought CDs to copy everything, but haven't had the TIME to get that done yet. Anyway. The point of this story is, what photo program would you recommend for me to download on to my laptop, (Dell, Windows Vista) (Yes I like Vista) for editing pictures for email and internet? The camera is Olympus, but I find the Olympus editing thingies way too complicated and annoying. The Desktop has Microsoft Digital Photo Something, which is no longer available. Dang.

If it's a free downloadable program, that will be a plus, but I don't mind paying. What do you think?

I luuuuurve my laptop. Sean spent some time last week doing all kinds of stuff to it, while I hung over his shoulder and asked questions, and now it is even faster and cooler and has stopped making that "beedoop? beedoop!" noise it was making. Sean is a super sexy computer whiz dude.

Thank you. And now, I am going to sleep. Cuz my alarm is going to start carrying on at 4:30am and I neeeed some sleep!


witchypoo said…
I love Irfanview. It's free and you can add text to photos, resize, crop, etc.
I'm not at all crazy about Photoshop. In fact, I suck at it.
Ndinombethe said…
let me know what photo thingy you decide on. I'mp iggy backing on your question here.. hee hee. Gonna miss you! Think maybe we can seriously link up this Wed for coffee or a drink (More Vino is RIGHT AROUND the corner from Tae Kwondo after all hint hint wink wink) - drinking and driving us never!
Unknown said…
You might take a look at Picasa - a free download from google - for managing your pictures - and doing a minor fixup/edit.
Anonymous said…
the whiny kid? he lives at my house too and always makes me laugh.
Casdok said…
Bournmouth is a lovely part of the UK :)
Nan Sheppard said…
Thank you, my computer experts, I will certainly look into those and let you know what I decide.

Casdok, I just know that when the sun comes out (those two days in May), everyone's going to come and visit us... I am fine with that! Will save you some shower time.

GreenGirl, we are definitely going through a whiny phase. Ick.
Anonymous said…
Picasa has a great feature where you can fix the lighting on any photo. That said, the upload process where it scoops up every photo in existence instead of just the one I want to work on drives me CRAZY and I only use it once in a great while.

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