One Of Those Days....

Where the major stresses of Life are nothing compared with the tiny stresses of the day-to-day.

But they ARE tiny, dear readers. Simply saying "So much for today's plans" and changing expectations can mean the difference between a mind-bogglingly frustrating day and one in which All Is Well.

I can be glad that my son has been a cad, since he now has to vacuum my car in penance. And I can be glad that we are not at home because there's no water there anyway and I have brought a trunk (a "boot" as I will learn to say in England) full of dirty laundry with me. See? Clean car AND clean laundry. Not bad.


Unknown said…
Oh my. Misbehaving boys. Who'd a thunk it? I suppose the upside is that when he gets older, and is married, he'll be a whiz with a vacuum cleaner (Or 'Hoover', as you'll also learn in England).