Thursday Thirteen Again!

* What's all this about wanting haircut pictures? It's the SAME haircut, see Carnival pics back in Feb.

* Oh, wait, you must have been too distracted by my sexay ass to notice how sexay my haircut was. Will post pics soon as I have a moment of peace and sanity. (October?)

* Today was Senior Sports Day, and BLUE HOUSE WON! YAAAAAYYYY! Chas got 3 medals, Sam dropped the ball right before the finish line in the ball and spoon race and was VERY cross. He got a medal in a relay though. Well done boys!

* On Sports Day, everyone does not get a medal. Some get five, and some cry. But Sports Day isn't everything. You get house points and prizes for academics, etc, etc, all year. I realise that some schools have non-competitive sports where there are no losers? I can understand that. But I also think that learning to lose, even when you have been practicing the damn ball and spoon for months, is an important life skill. Sam sucked it up nicely.

* I am thinking of being a more serious writer, when I get a grip and have less to do. That would mean checking my spelling and writing about serious topics and so on. I might even have ads. Hmmm. Suggestions?

* This is bullet number six, and I will never think of seven more things to write. I am pooped.

* I seem to be having a party on Sunday. How did this happen? Bring food and beverages if you're coming! And tell everyone, in case I have forgotten.

* HEYYY I could make everyone fold laundry! Awesome.

* I am going to the dentist tomorrow, with my very first cavity. Seriously. I have had perfect teeth up till now. And Chas has chipped one of his, so we're going together.

* We are officially on holiday until further notice. Sean is in charge of booking our tickets so I don't yet know when we are heading out. I hope the boys don't miss too much school, cuz maaaan.

* Will be job-hunting in England. I know, mad as a loon, but I ALWAYS get a great job when I need one, so I am confident. Will let you know how that goes!

* Must write new Resume.

* Oh look!! Thirteen!


GirlBlue said…
wow and I thought I was awesome for not getting my first cavity until I was 16 lol.

Congrats on reaching 13
Anonymous said…
Way to go on the 13--good luck with the drilling and filling.
Unknown said…
Make sure when you get to Old Blighty that the first thing you do is set up Internet Access. well, almost the first thing. 'K?
witchypoo said…
Can you upload images to the blogger platform? Or do you have to host them externally? Because if you have an image directory, you can totally have those image bullets.