Zen And The Art Of Homeschooling

So, Sean came in last night, after a month away in sandy climes. Now, we have to figure out When Are We Going? And What Is The Plan? But first we are going to have a few peaceful days of Being Together As A Family.

The boys and I started Homeschooling on Saturday. Weekends mean nothing to us! The boys say that it's the best thing ever, and that I am the best mama in the whole universe. (I gotta remind them of this in a few weeks!) We are building up slowly, trying to figure out a good routine that works for all of us at the same time. So far, so good, but we need to squeeze some more math in and math isn't really my thing. Luckily, there are hundreds of great websites out there with times tables games and stuff. The internet has been a great tool so far, except that I thought I would find some cool stuff for our resident genius to learn and all I found was a bunch of wafflers waffling and filling one another with angst. So OUR gifted math class involved drawing a huge numberline outside from 10 down to minus ten, and hopping along it on the pogo stick to add and subtract positive and negative numbers. VERY tricky, cuz you have to have good pogo-aim and a sense of humour.

Then they were trying to pogo with no hands (holding the pogo stick with their knees), which they managed to do, and then Chas tried to pogo with no hands WHILE SKIPPING ROPE and sustained minor injuries. I asked him to do it again so I could video it, but he wouldn't. Shame, really, we could have won a funniest videos thing with that for sure. By the time we had finished rolling on the floor laughing, we were too exhausted to do any more math.

We are all learning to touch-type with a great "Typing for Kids" program, and Max is learning his times tables and practicing cursive writing and reading. The boys are doing Sudoku puzzles every day, and Chas is doing research on whatever he likes (currently mapepire snakes of Trinidad) so look out for more rainforest posts from him soon. Chas and Sam are avid readers so they have been devouring whatever I send their way (Chas really enjoyed Hemmingway's "The Old Man And The Sea" and Sam is reading it now). We have been playing board games, too.

Sean got in on the action today with a great science lesson and music class, and then he and the boys tore up our dangerous front deck and made a bonfire with the wood. I ran away to yoga class and the grocery and got to sit in traffic all by myself and listen to girly music. Bliss!

So far, so good. I like the slower pace of life, and it's comforting to know that we will not be homeschooling for more than a term or so. I can't mess them up too bad in just three short months (Math injuries aside?) Now, if I could just find time to do yoga every day at home, this teacher's life would be A+.


Ndinombethe said…
Yeah I know jealousy and envy are unhealthy... Can you sense the 'but' coming? BUT I totally envy you right now, while at the same time totally acknowledging that I couldn't do what you're doing even if I tried. So it's a fantastical type of envy :)

Ps tae kwondo today if you can make it. Wine? Martinis? Cheese?
i am the diva said…
sounds like fun times!!
Anonymous said…
That does sound good. I think we're going to love that pace in a couple months here, too.
Unknown said…
Ah, the life one leads where you are.
TriniDee said…
Nan, you are the best mom EVER!!!!!

Bee said…
As a home schooler myself, I can tell you with all certainty that times tables are crucial. Make sure your precious boys memorize them! It'll make learning higher math skills so much easier for everyone. Home schooling is great in many, many ways. Best of luck!
Kelly said…
it all sounds wonderful and i just wanted to let you know about a series that kahlil is into now that might be perfect reading for max - the magic tree house books - and it just so happens that brasso seco has a great supply of them so come on up =)!!