The Weekend In Brief

* Sam is sporting four stitches in his big toe, and I am feeling like World's Worst Mother for having to take my bleeding children to A&E so often. Although once again, the injured child was playing in a safe place, not doing anything dangerous. Running with his buddies on a well-manicured lawn, while the yoga mamas yogued peacefully.

* A day later, he was ATVing up and down the beach at top speed, and got the bandages wet so we removed them and re-dressed the wound with a piece of a sanitary napkin and some green electrical tape because naturally, the first aid kit was not with us. No injuries were sustained while ATVing.

* Chas surfed some mega-awesome gnarly waves, dude. They pounded him. He learned:

a) to keep out of the way of the big dude surfers
b) that he must learn to duck-dive properly
c) to always ensure that his trunks are tightly tied on

* We have decided to be very organized, and to keep a bag in the trunk of the car with first aid kit, changes of clothes, toothbrushes, etc. For sudden changes of plan. Since we started homeschooling, we have had so many sudden changes of plan. We need to be READY FOR ANYTHING! Because you never know when you might start the day at dawn meditating on a hilltop, and then decide to go to the beach for the day (via A&E), and then be invited to spend the night with friends in their beach house.

* Hooray for friends with Gameboys or whatever you call them. Sam spent most of his weekend lying about with his foot up, engrossed in ninja-pokemon-raptor-omnideath. Or something. He was happy as a clam.

I hope everyone else's weekend was injury-free!


I think multiple trips to the emergency room just mean that your boys are HAVING FUN and enjoying we all should.
I was thinking about your blog this weekend and thinking I want to be more active with my boys (you always seem to be doing amazingly fun things with yours)...I'm trying to get my "fun" back. That's my goal for the summer...
Unknown said…
Damn. Those are some hard lessons that Chas learned. Although .. one would think the thing about his trunks would have been obvious.
Nan Sheppard said…
We are having so much fun together because of ditching school for the term, and the fact that I am not working!

I think we are squeezing in so much fun because we know what will happen when we get back into normal school/work life.
Cheffie-Mom said…
Boys will be boys! I hope Sam's toe is feeling better!
"re-dressed the wound with a piece of a sanitary napkin and some green electrical tape"

You are a GOD!

That is inventive AND hilarious!