Wow, It's Friday Already!

How's THAT for a title, huh? My titles rock.

I can't believe how quickly the weeks are zipping past. We seem to be so busy, having such FUN! Mostly. We also have middle-child angst, eldest-child superiority and youngest-child clinginess: New Improved Models now that we are all stuck at home together. I have been trying to let it all run it's course. But mostly, it's been fun. We are thinking of going into the bush from Sunday till Wednesday (But you LIVE in the bush Nan) (I mean really Rainforest Type Bush) and we will take an assortment of nets, microscopes, jars, pencils, drawing books, and the like. No doubt Chas and Sam will have some cool stuff to post on their site when they are all done.

The best thing about Brasso Seco (where we are going) is that Khalil lives there, and he is Max's buddy. They are going to have a blast! And the other best thing is that Kelly lives there and she's MY buddy so I'm going to have a blast too. AND! there is a researcher there with two assistants from the States, so Chas and Sam are going to have a blast getting into Julian's research and wringing information out of them. That's a best thing too. Brasso Seco is the Best.

And that's all I have to say for myself this morning. Not much, I know, but you'll have to make do! I will endeavour to write something sensible later on or Sunday morning when my thoughts are collected. I don't seem to have much time to sit in peace and write these days. Now why would that be??


Unknown said…
"(But you LIVE in the bush Nan)" Which is, of course, absolutely true. In the short time #1 Son and I were there (and thank you, for inviting us into your home), we saw more wildlife living wildly than the whole of the rest of the time we were in Trinidad. Thankfully, though, we saw NO scorpions or tarantulas. I am, after all, a wuss and I would have had to retreat to the car. Permanently.
Anonymous said…
Oh the adventures you have! I'm so glad you blog about them.
Islandgirl said…
ah the amazing and gorgeous still my beating heart!