Blog Withdrawal!

Hello, Blog! I haven't written in DAYS and I've MISSED YOU SO!! I feel like hugging you tight and saying DON'T EVER LEEEEAVE ME AGAIN!

Except it's me that keeps leaving you. Our lifestyle of permanent vacation has been taking me to places where no WiFi has been before. Hardly even a radio wave! In fact, this weekend, in order to see the World 2020 Cricket on TV, this guy Mark had to perch outside on a ladder at the end of a long cable, with an antenna held aloft, and wave it slowly around while five guys inside yelled "Oh gad, now we can't see anything at all... WAIT go back? Back more? RIGHT THERE! No, no, no, come again? Can't you hold it higher? Okay... riiiiight there, a little more, YES MAN! Take that man a beer!"

You could tell how serious the situation was, since the ladder was situated exactly where Mark could see the Match on TV, from outside through the open door, even while standing at the top of the ladder. Eventually, with the help of several more beers, they managed to attach the antenna to something, so that he could come inside, with occasional forays to adjust the signal whenever the breeze got too breezy. The picture, at best, was so crackly that you couldn't see who the players were, let alone where the ball was, but our intrepid cricket fans didn't let that quench their spirits, no sir. Anyway, you can understand how an Internet connection would be hard to find in such a place.

I abandoned the Cricket and hopped out to the beach, where there was no static and a picture of such clarity and excellence that all I could do was marvel. The boys surfed in a frothy sea, the beach was covered with perfect stones which all begged to be picked up and held (we even found two shaped like hearts!), the breeze blew breezily (to the annoyance of cricket fans), Tobago winked in the distance. It's a beautiful place.

The only downside to the weekend was when the bar next door threw a very noisy fete on Friday night, (Friday was another public holiday here. Again.) which lasted until nearly five on Saturday morning. There are no noise laws around here, and the windows rattled. All. Night. Long. As Sam grumbled at about one a.m. "It's not even good music!" And? We had slightly over-populated the house, so there were more people to a bed than was really comfy. Usually, I can sleep fine with two of my boys in a bed, but if everyone keeps waking up to scrunch more pillows on their heads it's just not snuggly. More elbowy and crabby. Sean didn't even get a bed, he was in a tent, so I shouldn't complain!

It kinda took me back to the days when we would overpopulate a beach house, fete noisily all night, and all that. Except in those days, the Mummies would have attended the fete, instead of spending the night pretending to be asleep. And seven kids wouldn't get up at dawn the next day to have meltdowns and throw sand in each others' eyes. Stinkers. We survived the day on DVDs, parental understanding and the promise of an early bedtime. And the rest of the weekend more than made up for the one uncomfortable night.


Unknown said…
I do love your lifestyle.
Nan Sheppard said…
Lou, we were talking this weekend about what a shock it's going to be in September when "Real Life" begins again! This long break has been so good, and we really appreciate it.
witchypoo said…
Yeah, I doubt the U.K. has such delights to offer.
Except you will probably get great reception for cricket matches.
Islandgirl said…
ahh..don't worry..Nan and her boys will find things to delight in where ever they go! It is Trinidad that will suffer the brunt of their leaving...sobbb....sniffle...WAHHHHHHHHH