Guest Writer: My Gran

It's been a busy week, internetties! My Mum does sculpting courses, and on Monday and Tuesday I took part in one and had a great time releasing my inner whatnots! Mum is really good at helping artists (and non-artists) to express creativity in amazing ways. The other people on the course this time were artists as well this time, but you don't have to be. Today is the last day, and I will head down to the workshop to finish a few things up. I wish I could have done the whole week of the course! Sean held down the fort while I was busy.

On Tuesday night Sean and I went out on a DATE, and had a great time. I spent Wednesday in a fog though, doing mountains of laundry half-heartedly at my in-laws, as we haven't had any more rain and thus NO WATER in the tanks. Yesterday the boys and I had a "town day" and did all of the driving around chores and went to see "Night At The Museum 2" which was great fun. Today I'm all TGIF!

We have a wedding, a garage sale to help out, two major birthday parties, taekwondo, and two sleepovers this weekend. It ain't gonna be restful, that's for sure! At least we'll all have clean clothes to wear, and it ought to be fun for all. But you probably won't hear from me till Monday or so!

So I will publish here something written by my Grandmother, a great writer and a wonderful person. I miss her. You can ruminate on this all weekend.


The Star

The girl pointed to the star and said, "See how beautiful it is, how it shines and glows with many colours and is not as the others in the sky". And the man answered, telling her that he had often looked upon that star, for it belonged to his mother. At this the girl was amazed and said, "What manner of woman is your mother, that she says she owns this great star?"

The man laughed and said, "Indeed, she is a woman of vast wealth, for she will tell you that not only is that brilliant star her own, but the whole fathomless mystery of space, the great planets and the swirling path of the Milky Way, the pale moon rising from the dark clouds is hers, as is the sun at dawn and at evening in all its infinite beauty. The hills that you see to the north she claims as well as the trees that shield and cover the gentle earth. The rivers that fall swiftly to the sea, their calm deep pools and strong rocks are hers also. The many birds of brilliant colour and joyous song she calls her own and all the small shy beasts of forest and plain. She is the mistress of the sea, the golden beaches and wild tossing waves, the still mysterious depths and the many fish, silent and swift, which swim in those waters. The glory of the flowering trees is hers, as are the clouds covering the hills in soft veils of gossamer and the rain that falls like a shining curtain. All these things and many more belong to my mother and she claims them, not in arrogance and pride, but in humility, gratitude and joy."

And the girl came to the woman and said, "I am told that you are a woman of great wealth, that many marvellous things are yours." The woman smiled and answered her thus: "Indeed I am rich, but my wealth and my possessions are no greater than yours; for that star shines for all who raise their eyes to the heavens. When the moon rises over the hills, its pale majestic beauty lights the darkness for you and all others. The hills' eternal strength welcomes and the shaded paths lead to peace and solitude all those who seek these gifts. The birds will sing for you, if you but listen. The glad sound of the river is for all who hear, the cool depths caress the naked body of peasant, prince or pauper and so it is with the sea. The beauty of the flowering trees which mark the seasons, the magic and mystery of the earth are for all men. These riches are not mine alone and gladly I will share them with you."

The girl looked about her and said, "How true it is that I also own many wonderful things! But I had grown accustomed to my possessions and forgotten their worth. These gifts are mine always, no matter what befalls me... They will lift my heart when I am joyful, and comfort me when I sorrow. No one can take them away from me."


witchypoo said…
Have a great and fun-filled weekend! Love your gran!