Those Drums!

I was just getting all sleepy and cozy when SUDDENLY, tassa drums started up down the hill. I love tassa, but it's a little loud when you were just dozing off. Our house is some distance from the nearest neighbours, but I can just imagine how loud it is close up. There's a new wooden house going up this week, so there must be prayers on there.

When Sean I were getting married, Dad said "Nan, do you mind terribly if Chandool and his band turn up to play tassa?" I was thrilled! Good thing too, because I don't know how we would have explained it if we wanted a tassa-free wedding. Chandool would have been astounded. And they probably would have come anyway!

Ah well, at least the demons, bad vibes, bacteria, spectres, "mal 'jo", and "jaunders" will be driven from the village tonight.


Theresa said…
I love tassa. My Irish cousins heard it on my wedding video and said it sounded like someone dragging a heap of tin cans :D
Cheffie-Mom said…
I just found this Tassa video on You Tube. Very cool!

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