To Every Thing, A Season

And the season that's coming is not my favorite. I have been praying for rain, looking at the sky, announcing that this full moon would be IT!..... But it wasn't. A few drops have fallen, and we had a real shower one day last month, but not enough to fill our tanks.

But it's coming. I know. As I sit here, happily snuggled in bed thinking "I should really be asleep. Go to sleep." Bugs are coming in to my bedside lamp. Big fat bugs that bite, little wood-eating bugs. Moth bugs. Is mildew a bug? Rainy season is bug season.

When the rain DOES start to fall, we will rush outside and dance. And then I will start to cuss and fret and light mosquito coils in every window to keep the rainflies out. Ninety-nine different varieties of rainfly, all swarming on different nights! Damp tarantulas will come in, in search of warm dry bedrooms. There will be floods. And landslides. The mystery leaks will leak. The chickens will stand bedraggled and sorrowful. The dog will come in and go out and come in again until she drives me mad. Muddy footprints will be everywhere. Mildew will grow on everything. (It IS a bug, isn't it?) Black clouds will hang over us for days and days, pouring rain.

I'm complaining in advance. You know how some people "Loooove Rain"?? They are the ones who hop into a warm dry bed with a good book. Don't ask them to change a tyre or take the trash out. I propose that these people do NOT love rain, they just love the excuse to get into bed with a good book. Rain is damp and cold and dark ... who would love that?

Ah well. Come on rain, fill our tanks. Bring on the mildew. Soothe our cracked earth. Green the plants. Just don't expect me to love you.


For how long, exactly, will it rain during rainy season?
well, at least you've got good chocolate to help you though ;)
Nan Sheppard said…
It will rain FOR EVER!! Or until January. Whichever comes first. And yes, hot Cocoa with nutmeg etc. does help.
Anonymous said…
It's been wet here--and I am sooooo ready for dry!
Theresa said…
You can have my rain! Cold, yucky windy, non-stop, can't go outside, am watching too much baby einstein and sesame street, bleh rain.
Unknown said…
Are there not wells in Trinidad? There are rivers and streams - there must be underground water - why are there not wells dug instead of water tanks?
Islandgirl said…
I went outside last night and did a dance in the heavy 20 minute downpour we had and got throughly soaked and thought of your water tanks. The heat has been driving me mad. I love the rain..and yes it is an excuse to stay in bed with a good book. Just no rain saturday though..will wiggle my nose!
Nan Sheppard said…
Sharon, NOT A DROP fell here. You should have called me and I would have come with my buckets!

Lou, we looked into digging a well, and found somewhere nearby (down the hill from the pottery) where there may be ground water. We just could not afford the ENORMOUS expense to get to that water. Well digging is just not done here, because there is enough water during the rainy season to pipe to the whole country for the whole dry season. We don't have the equipment or the expertise to dig wells. Unfortunately, the government doesn't bother to send water to some distant rural areas. There's plenty of politics involved. The people in this area didn't vote for the current government, see? So no water for us.