We'll Make A Bookworm Of Him Yet

"If only books were waterproof, we could keep reading in the shower."

-Sam, the boy who reads while eating, going for a drive, listening to music, listening to story CDs (how???), walking and tidying his room. I think he has a radar that keeps him from bumping into things while his nose is in a book.

Recently, Max announced "I am not a bookworm", in a decided tone. In this family, that's like saying that you're not keen on chocolate. His reading skillz are good, but he's not ADDICTED, and this concerns me somewhat. On one hand, I am fine with it. I told him that I would read to him for ever if he likes, even if he starts reading on his own, just like I read to his bookworm brothers, and he looked happy. He loves being read to, and listening to stories on tape and CD, it's just the reading itself that isn't exciting him.

And then it hit me: The only thing that Max has ever read on his own, without prodding, was Calvin and Hobbes. A strange choice for a seven-year-old, I thought at the time, but I said nothing. He chuckled in the right places, and asked me to explain odd words to him, so he must have been understanding something. Max seems to have a very different taste in books to his brothers!

So off to the bookstores I went this afternoon, to look for comic-strip style literature to tempt Max's odd sense of humour. Anything with unusual layouts, gross drawings, and funny story-lines. Tonight I commented that if he liked, he could keep his bedside light on for a few extra minutes and look at a book.

When I went back in, he was deeply engrossed in "The Teacher From The Black Lagoon". "Five more minutes!" he said. "Weeeeeell, okay, just five," I replied, and skipped out to hide my glee. I will let you know how it goes!


witchypoo said…
You're an evil genius. Imagine! Tricking your child into a book addiction! Well done. Something for you at my place.
I meant to email you this, but mine has been devouring the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. They are also comic-book style. Whatever gets him to read...he also likes the Black Lagoon books too.
Mine loves to be read to as well. We usually hibernate in the winters and do a lot of out loud book reading.
Unknown said…
Good job. Me? i love reading aloud to Annie, at night. I 'read' her to sleep. The only problem is, she keeps missing parts of the story. She, herself, doesn't like to read. She has reading comprehension issues - it's something related to her vision. But she loves it when I read to her. Last night I started "Heyday", by Kurt Andersen. She decided, after the opening chapter, that she doesn't like the book. She asked me to go back and re-read "The Fourth Bear", by Jasper Fforde. I'm beginning to wonder about her taste in literature.
Anonymous said…
Ah, brilliant. Try Captain Underpants or the Dumb Bunnies soon! And books by Jon Scieszka--SO funny!
I understand where he's at--imagine if you loved chick lit but were only given murder mysteries to read!
Islandgirl said…
Nan see if you can find more of those "Diary of a Worm" ones...even Mikey loved that!! Max is probably more into the visual. Still trying to tempt Mikey with my faves - the old secret 7 and famous 5s..but he's a captian underpants dude through and though.
Islandgirl said…
http://www.amazon.com/Diary-Worm-Doreen-Cronin/dp/006000150X - more in the series here with other similar writers
Nan Sheppard said…
Thanks, guys! You are amazing. Will check all of those titles.
HalfAsstic.com said…
Oh that is exactly how I became a bookworm! My mom told me that my bedtime was 10:00 but if I wanted to stay up till 10:30 I could lie in bed and read. And I certainly did. It has stuck like glue, too. Well, all except the bedtimes. ;-)