Hey It's Good, To Be Back Home Agaiiiiin...

Ah John Denver, I bet I could write an entire post in Denver quotes! Feeling a bit John Denverish tonight, could it be our imminent departure from the country life?

I haven't been replying to my commenters lately, but myyyyy goodnessgraciousme, you are the best. Thank you. So much encouragement, humour and support! In fact, the outpouring of family, friendly, and comment luuuurve has helped me over the few minor hurdles and annoyances and I would like to give you ALL chocolate and flowers. And would you like some books? We've still got plenty!

I'm slowly making my way through my list of things to do. Things like, "Get immunization cards up to date" and "Open Internet Banking" and "Arrange Other Bill Payments" and "Collect Money Owed". There is so much nitty gritty that has to be done, and it feels SO good to cross things off of a list. Next week the boys have more sailing camp, so I will try to get as much done as possible then. Afterwards, I will hand over my car to her new people, and hunker down at home with my packing, and decide what to do with my dog.

The Dog.

She's a sensitive subject at the moment. When I am away, Samba pines, coughs, and stands in the rain looking dejected. She generally gets sick, and has to take mega-antibiotics when I leave her, but not always.

Samba is thirteen years old, and HATES other dogs. She is not keen on children, either, but does not bite them. She just leaves the room when kids are near. Samba lived with two old spinsters for most of her life, and is accustomed to having a quiet, refined life, with tea and cakes at four o'clock, and warm wooden floors to lie on and a nice bed if she wants it. No-one ever raised their voice around Samba before she came to live here. I think she's done pretty well in adjusting to our lifestyle, where there are children and men and yelling and sudden crashes daily. Samba has never growled at anyone, and is good with cats. She does not steal food, and stands still when having a bath.

The last time Samba pined and got sick (a terrible cough) when I left her, I decided that before we left for the UK, I would put her to sleep. The Splendid Vet would come here, and Samba would be spared our leaving her for good. Now, I'm not so sure. She has such a lot of spunk, and maybe, maybe she could get used to a new family. Or a new person, preferably elderly and female and dogless. She is used to sleeping in the house, but a covered porch or airy garage might do.

So I'm putting it out there: What shall I do with the dog? Is there an elderly, female, dogless person out there who would like the company of an elderly, well-behaved, obedient lab/shepherd mix? She sheds. But she is gracious, friendly and pleasant as long as small boys are not dropping Fun Snaps next to her head. If there's a home out there for Samba, please drop me a comment and introduce yourself. Owners of other dogs need not apply!


Unknown said…
SWMBO says if you can arrange someplace for Grannie to live, we'll ship Grannie to Trinidad and she and the dog can live together.

On the other hand, Grannie doesn't travel very well any longer, so perhaps that isn't such a good idea.

I hope you can find a nice home for Samba. Time and Mother Nature will put her down when it's time.
Islandgirl said…
Going to say all my prayers for Samba to find a good home. She is such a wonderful, sweet doggie I would not like to see you put her down. PLEASE someone adopt Samba. I wish I could but I don't think she'd like Frodo very much :-(
HalfAsstic.com said…
Well, I know you only have Samba's best interests at heart, bless her heart. I wish we could take her for you. She sounds like a very sweet dog.
Other than that it sounds like you have everything else planned out quite well.
I will pray for you and your family.
Cheffie-Mom said…
I hope you find a wonderful home for Samba. About a year ago, someone left a dog on the steps of our restaurant. We adopted her - and I'm so glad we did!
Anonymous said…
Oh man, I hope you find a nice home for Samba. She sounds perfectly lovely and decent and deserving.