News Flash: "Do We Haaaaave To Go Home?"

Yes folks, the boy who said "I TOLD you I don't WANT to do sailing this year, Muuumm" had to be dragged outta there this afternoon and is sleeping the sleep of the exhausted sailor, dreaming of another "best ever" day of sailing tomorrow.


There's a boy named James, from Ireland, who scored a goal at lunchtime.

Sam's team won "catch the flag" or whatever you call it.

They had hotdogs (Max dropped his and had to buy another), burgers, and the best grilled cheese sandwiches ever for lunch. (Sam: the grilled cheese sandwich is cheap too! I can save half my food money!)

I went by Debs and nattered and drank tea.

Day one, A Plus!


witchypoo said…
Mine showed zero tolerance for lessons of any kind. I had to let him figure out for himself that I taught him to ride a bike.