O Summer Camp, How We Do Love Thee!

Dear Summer Camp, you are the best!
Sailing, swimming, all that stuff.
And at the end, a written test
To see if kids have learned enough.

Can you all tie your half-hitches?
Bowlines, eights, and sheet bends too,
Clove hitches, thank you Sean,
I'd never have remembered that one without you!

Homeschooling was great, it really was,
And our family is closer this term and all,
But Mama needs some boy-free time
And sons, she's gonna have a ball.

The bigger boys say "Sailing! O Hooray!"
They are as glad as pigs in mud,
And Max says "I'm not, I don't wanna"
Well I've got some news for you, bud.

We're hitting the road at six o'clock,
Braving the rush hour and the race.
Slathering on the zinc sunblock,
So you don't get a freckly(er) face.

I just know that you'll have fun,
Kicking a ball and eating fries
With friends (and others) in the sun
Sailing racecourses and acting wise.

Competition! Injury! Can we finish this?
Are we a team, or will we fall apart?
Can we do optimists this year?
Will we be the first off at the start?

Every year, sailing is a blast!
First aid, angles, and apparent wind direction...
When I collect you all at last,
You'll be exhausted to perfection.

Every night you'll lay your tired heads
Upon your pillows and sigh "tomorrow?"
I will tuck you, nodding, into beds
And darlings, there will be no sorrow.


witchypoo said…
Bravo! I so enjoyed this.
ah, lovely...you're a poet!
Islandgirl said…
I'm sarting to sing 'The twelve days of sailing camp' and vaguely missing the manicou! hehe
Anonymous said…
Well writ! All the lessons learned sailing--knots, physics, speed calculation...what a fun experience for your boys.
Unknown said…
Twelve days sans sons? How WILL you survive?
Cheffie-Mom said…
JOYful! What a poet you are!
HalfAsstic.com said…
Well done! That was awesome! You, my dear, are quite a talent. And camp sounds like so much fun!