Termites, Laundry, And A Book Review

In case you thought our lives were just about extended vacation time? They ain't. I haven't written much this week because I haven't had time to download photos from our most recent expeditions or compose witty captions. Plus, Chas has taken my camera into the rainy bush, where I hope it doesn't fill up with water again. Not much computering is going on here.

Instead, Sean and I are using our child-free days to de-termite our house with deadly poisons, etc.

"Etc" being many boring things that have NO place in this blog, like laundry. And some fun things too, like very long bar lunches and vodka.

I interrupt this post to give you a Book Review! "Infidel" is the autobiography of Ayaan Hirsi Ali . Click on that link for the Wikipedia page on her. Ayaan writes beautifully of her childhood and turning her back on her religion. This book is an eye-opener, I would love to meet Hirsi Ali.

Speaking of reading, I've been catching up on everyone's blogs and boy have you been busy! I hope to reach the end of my blog list today, and know y'all's news. Your comments have been a really great welcome home, thank you!

Sean is fixing stuff. He is a genius. My car is getting new tires. Sam and Max return tonight from Tobago, and we will stay the night at my in-law's to avoid termite poison. The weekend will be busy with this and that, and the boys start sailing camp on Monday. This means rush-hour traffic and getting there on time and eating fries for dinner, as in days of yore, and will remind us of school and work and things that we haven't thought about since March!


witchypoo said…
Hooray for genius stuff-fixing husbands!
Unknown said…
I don't know - SWMBO and I seem to find other things to do when there's no kids around. I'm just sayin'.
Nan Sheppard said…
Yeah, Lou, but if I blog about those things, I may lose readers... Of course, I may gain some new ones!
Anonymous said…
I loved that book too! :)