Guns and Vamp Toenails, And Other Factors To Consider When Moving

Heyyyyy! It's me! Sorry to be so quiet but it's been busy. Everything is new and different, and learning the new systems, rules, pin numbers, account numbers, phone numbers, names, and so on has my brain a-spinnin'. Everything needs an online thingy. Everything has to be replied to by mail TODAY. Going out shopping is a huge adventure: Where oh where is the milk? Why is it not next to the cheese? Why did we buy the biggest bottle of "Vanish" and why are these bags so heavy? What does Chas need to know to do the Grammar School Test? When is it? Will we find a decent place to live this week? Why are these cheesy nachos so awful? Why do the Child Benefit people want me to send ORIGINALS of certificates, and should I be nervous?

So that's a tiny bit of what's going on with me. It's all good, and working out, and I have plenty of loved ones who answer my questions over and over again, patiently, and will come with me flat-hunting. Whatever I don't know, someone else does. And! The people in offices, government or otherwise, are truly helpful: I asked for "Ummm, a pack of First-Aid stamps" yesterday and the teller smiled sweetly and said "That'll be First-Class stamps, a pack of six or would you rather twelve?" Everyone seems willing to slow down to my pace, even with a long line of customers behind or my children playing "Snap" noisily on the floor at the bank.

While I am spinning around, trying to get all of my t's crossed and my i's dotted, the boys have been having a wonderful time with aunts, uncles, friends and cousins. Myles has an air rifle, and the boys have turned out to be really good shots. Terrifying, though. No apple is safe.

It's SO GOOD to be with my sister. First of all, she's got this handbag like Hermione's Little Beaded Handbag from Book Seven: It expands to fit Everything You Could Ever Need for emergencies, entertaining boys, snacking, first aid, and keeping warm. And, we do girly things: Yesterday, after running around in the New Town doing chore-y things, we went to Ailis' flat, parked the boys in front of video games, and gave ourselves a pedicure and polish in VAMP RED! We have been waving our toes about since then. Hopefully we'll have a few more weeks of summer so that we can show off the Vamp Toenails, but perhaps I should wear SHOES tomorrow when I go flat-hunting with Charlotte, or prospective landlords will think I'm going to run a brothel? Alas.

My uncle Pat has been wonderful with the boys, which I should have totally expected: he had five of his own, after all, so he knows more about what boys need than I do! The boys have been finding crates of Lego from years gone by, and one entire room is now "The Lego Room"... why it has ended up that the NICEST guest bedroom is the Lego room while I have put myself into one of the smallest rooms, I don't know. It's one of those things. You throw your bags into the first room on the left and after that, moving becomes too much of an effort to bother. Plus, my little room is cozy. We have spread ourselves throughout the house, and are eating our way through the chest freezer - so far, we don't seem to have made a dent in the food but that's probably because we keep running to the shops for more strawberries and cream!

Sam is hoping that you will share your cake recipes with him, on the boys' blog. Hop on over there and we'll do some baking this weekend! Keep 'em simple, k? Strawberries and chocolate get extra points!




Ndinombethe said…
Awh Nan! so glad things are working out - and no, don't worry about sending originals. They needed mine for passports too but always return them in due course.

Sorry we couldn't link up. Knew it was probably wishful thinking what with you MOVING TO ENGLAND!!!!!!! Hang in there - the first few weeks will be over in a flash and you'll have settled into your new home and routine before you know it. Love to those boys and big hugs for you

Anonymous said…
My mind reels at what you have to accomplish with this move. Hugs.
witchypoo said…
Thinking of y'all. Sorry, boys, can't come up with a cake recipe. But? My english toffee is wicked good. said…
Well, how great that you seem to feel less stressed and more relaxed, now. Things seem to be falling into place and with family around you, there's no need to worry about anything. It's all going to work out. ;-)
aclare said…
I would not worry too much about anything. You are doing fine. As Daniel says to me "When I start to worry, then you can...." So far that hasn't happened!

I think you will be amazed at how quickly things are dealt with here and the support you can receive. This world is not run by the Vogons!

And hey if it does start to fray at the edges I'm sure there's something in my handbag that can fix it!
Islandgirl said…
Yeah you have MacGyver on your side!;-)
Wacky Mommy said…
You are so funny. Dunno what they mean there, but in the U.S. when they say "original" they often mean "copy of an original." Random. I don't know if they still do, but the U.S. government used to issue these yellow plastic "birth certificate" cards, that didn't "count" at all for All Things Official.
TriniDiana said…
Hi Nan, it is is good to see that you are all safe and sound and happy because I have been thinking of you all so much I cannot tell you.

I loved reading your blog and all about the cake, wow I did not even know Sharon was getting married.

I can imagine how new and confusing everything is at first, when we were in Colorado, I felt exactly the same that everything we had to do, like simple things like order food in a delis etc, whereas everyone was doing it all so fast, we were so slow, but everyone was so nice and helpful. It really is a culture shock going into a first word country from a third world one, ad even though I have lived abroad, as have you, everything is so different when you have kids.

We had a wonderful time in the rocky Mountain,s I am kind of depressed to be back I have to admit though I love my home at least and the nature here. When you wrote in your bog about listening to the sounds of the river and the forest , that really touched me and funnily that is exactly what I was thinking in the rockies, listening to al the streams and rivers and such, that this is just existing all the time whether i am here or not, it all evolves, the seasons ad the long days leading in to short ones. the pure majesty and beauty of it all. All so perfectly orchestrated and beautiful wherever you are on this great planet.

I loved the feeling of safety that I felt in Colorado, in all five places that we were at, crime is just not something that affects the average man on the street and that is a blessing which I know you will have in England too.

Also, you are all very fortunate to have the support of family and friends and you are especially lucky to have a sister that you can share things and life with.

Good luck, please keep in touch, love you lots you know...
oh tell the boys I had a close encounter with a bear in the dark in the next door cabin, was going out to do the laundry at 11:00 and I scared a black bear tremendously , so much so that it dragged off the neighbour;s cooler full of strawberries, blueberries and cheese. Will let you know when I post pics, I put a few up on facebook a while go , dont know if you saw those.
Unknown said…
I hope you all are settling in nicely. When does school start for the boys? How are they adjusting? How are YOU adjusting? Is the sun different for you, being so far north now? Do the boys notice?

Crap. I have a million questions. I just may have to go to England to get them all answered.
Theresa said…
Is it still summer there? It seems to have ended here. boo hoo. So flash your vamp while you can!!! The prospective landlord might like it and give you a good deal or something. Good luck!

And because everything is really all about me... I signed up for my costume! YAY!!!! It is glitzy, shiny, pretty, skimpy, and orange. IM SOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!! I check harts site a jillion times a day just to swoon and sing some wajang bachanalist music in my head.

Ok, back to you, Hey to the boys! Love to all of you!
Theresa said…
Just in case you were wondering, the main song in my head is ''I want to hold a man and jam on de highway! Doh hold mih back, ah feeling real slack''

I told you it was wajang and bachanalist!
Cheffie-Mom said…
I'm happy things are going well! Blessings to you and the family!
Anonymous said…
Hi Nan,
Just back from a lovelymuchneededvacation in Toco. Got an extra couple of days when the bridge in Balandra collapsed and left us stranded on the other side and cut off from "civilisation". YIPPEE!!! If ever there was a place to be stranded it's Toco! Sun, sea, surf, baby!
Anyways, just catching up. Looks like I missed out on all your bachannal.
Arriving in 'jolly ole' intact with all safe and sound!
Hitting the ground running!
Waking up dem Brits with a little red Caribbean hot-up-ness. Toes off to you!
Well done! You did it woman! You've made it to the land of books, glorious books!
Don't forget to get the flat where the lighting is just right for that art studio you've always promised yourself. You know the one. It's right above the deli and bakery on the yellow brick road ;)

Keep smiling


c/o Nan:
Warmest wonderfulest wishes to you MRS.Sharon!
Nan Sheppard said…
Thanks for all the positiveness, guys! It's working!
Anonymous said…
My beautiful sister - you are an inspiration to us all. You never accept 'no' for an answer, you have more energy than everyone I know put together. All these 'sorting-outs' will subside and then you will blast off in this new environment that you will of course find more 'enabling' than trinidad. I hope those boys are having a good time. Ps I think down by the new town, when you walk in from by pats and go left, there's a small park and some sort of building where they have concerts etc (not the leisure centre) and when I was there it had a.... SKATE PARK!
edj said…
We found, in general, that English people in shops were unfailingly pleasant and polite. Bit of a shock, really.
GREAT to hear from you! :) And a Lego What a fantastic uncle.