Sleep, Or The Lack Thereof

I have reached the point in my preparations where I wake up at 2am to worry about stuff that there's no point worrying about. Y'know? And telling myself "go back to sleep you nerd, it's on the list, you're really organized, you have masses of support, go back to sleep." and answering myself "but what if...?" and getting very cross with myself. Which is not helping, really.

So my new tactic is to just say "Well gosh I'm really stressed out for no reason, and intend to stay that way till the boys and I are settled in the UK."

Instead of being stressed about being stressed.

How does that sound?

I even LOOK stressed. Lack of sleep will do it every time.

Fortunately, Sharon and Genevieve came over today and we laughed and cut out Sharon's hand-made wedding invitations (Oh Lou! Sharon's marrying Chris next Week! Fiiiinally!) and they are SO gorgeous, and we ate spaghetti and drank 927 cups of tea.

We had a house full of kids today, including FIVE! girls! and Mikey is spending the night. Sam and Max spent the night with separate buddies Sunday, and had a blast. We had a great party on Saturday, and I've been seeing my favorite people and getting hugged a lot. And getting cards with messages that make me cry. More friends will visit. I'm getting offers of help, and wonderful advice and connections to friends-of-friends-who-live-in-Bournemouth. By Thursday I should be ready. That will leave me the weekend to hang out and do one more long hike, and next week to get Sharon hitched and deal with last-minute crises.

And then we're off! Don't worry, I'll keep y'all posted. Feel free to continue to discuss mopping metaphors and furniture psychology in Comments, cuz you crack me up... and you KNOW that laughter is the best antidote to stress!


aclare said…
Well your merry band of UK helpers are on hand awaiting your immanent arrival! So we can all stress together. I'll even appointment myself as Chief PA and de-stresser! You tell me to jump and I'll say "how high!"...
Unknown said…
It's a big move and stressed out does even begin to cover what SWMBO would be like if she were in your shoes. You seem, my dear, to be remarkably sane given the circumstances. Although there might be those who would question the sanity of one willing to move from Paradise to Old Blighty. On purpose.

And great news about Sharon. She's a lovely person and I hope they will be happy together.
Nan Sheppard said…
AClare, I love you!

Lou, Sharon and Chris have been living together for NINE YEARS, so it's about time!!
Theresa said…
Me play ketchup... loved the Mop! Wow! Congrats Shar!!!
Anonymous said…
I think you're perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed. There's a lot on your plate. It's a good thing you make time for the fun parts--I'm the type who'd bail because of all I "have to do." You are so smart. said…
Those first three paragraphs tickled me. You're prioritizing your stresses! :-)
OCD much? heh
Smootches babe. Look after yourself and take some me time.
Islandgirl said…
Hope you are feeling better after a night of rest. The boys were angels. Enjoy your 'me' day today :-) At least I HOPE it will be a 'me' day..forgot the part about the car.

And thanks for the good wishes guys.. by this time next week I'll be hitched!
Cheffie-Mom said…
I hope you can get some rest! I've had a few sleepless nights lately myself! Hugs to you!