Blonk Drogging, Parte Deux!

I know I need to do a post, and Lou and I just had a conversation which is qiute informative so HERE is some information!

Lou: hey!
Okay - I guess you're away from your system.
Ta, dahling.
Sent at 20:31 on Saturday
me: Oh helloo! sorry, just ordering my new kitchen table online, dahling...
not paying attebtion to other opened windows.
Lou: no problem - just saw your green button and thought I'd say hey.
How'ss it going - and please tell me you're going to be able to get Internet access sorted.
Sent at 20:52 on Saturday
me: Will get internet as quickly as possible... Need to stay in touch with everyone!
Having a great time, surrounded by loving helpful friends and family.
Lou: I'd forgotten about your family connections to England - i thought this was all going to be new for you
me: Nah, my sister is here at this very moment, bossing me through the Ikea website. I am grateful! She's reading over my shoulder and giggling.
We went to Ikea today and spent toooo much!
Lou: Easy to do, I'm sure. I'm so glad you have so many family and friends around you. That's grand. It'll make it easer for hte boys to trasnsition.
me: My cousin helped me to find my new flat, she is the sweetest thing... 3 carloads of us are driving to Bournemouth tomorrow, to get us there and all our stuff!
Lou: Pictures!!! we need pictures.
me: Sooooon!
Lou: Besides, I ant to see if hte rest of hte family is as pretty as you are.
me: Oh, that reminds me, uncle Pat has pics on his camera I need to lift..
Ia m getting drunk. Ailis says "I am the MOST gorgeous. But I was exchanged at birth"
Lou: Drunk chatting!! Dangerous.
me: She says "Not YOU, *I*"!
I should copy and paste this, and make it into a post. Very informative.
Lou: Hah.
me: We are in hysterics now.
Lou: well, you have a good time - I have to get back to work so i get my Yardwork done.
me: I am drinking, but Ailis is getting drunk.
Lou: And not you??? Rum?
me: Yes, RUN AWAAAAAY from the mad drunk chicks!
Red wine.
Lou: Oooo. worse.
hangover city.
me: Very worse.
I may be useless tomorrow morning, but it's a good send-off.
We have Pat in hysterics too.
Sent at 21:02 on Saturday
Lou: I can tell you're drinking - it takes a LONG time to enter very little text.
me: Anyway, you go do your yardwork, Lois has arrived so we are going to have dessert. Strawberries and things!
Lou: Ta Ta, my dear. Be Well.
me: You should /SEEEE some og the spelling mistakes that I have had to delette.
Okay, no I can't type at all. Good nite lou,
Lou: I'm sure. Catch up with your 'Sarah' reading - i would like your opinion.
me: Ailis and I are intears. Bye!
So. Oh, wait, this is bold... I cant figure out how to change it. Live with it, internetties. So. As I wassaying. We got a great kitchen table, and duvets, and blankies, anf cutlery. Sensible, that kind of thinys.

We got Pat rile d up describing our visit to the museum. Words were bandied like "Underdillo" and "Lubrinineted" and "Mistweeted" which are INSIDE JOKES people, don't even try to understand.

Ailis is threatening to pour cold water on me if I can't get up in the morning. It is late, and my children are not remotely in bed. Goodnight my friiends online! I will try to get internet ASAP, so i don;t miss yot too much.

A shout out to my friends and family in england: I love you! Thank you so much ro being so wonderfil now, and I love you!


Unknown said…
You are going to be so regretful in the morning.
i am the diva said…
You won the wrap cap!!
aclare said…
I'm sorry to say that even though it was funny at the time and I was STILL laughing at the jokes... i was there... sorry... I would imagine how it could get lost in translation! To an outsider it was just a string of words. But then I suppose those are the dangers of Blonk Drogging! It should should come with a disclaimer and safety warning!

"Warning the following blog may make no sense to the mere mortal"


"Warning for your personal safety please wear Vortex safety goggles and ear muffs."
Anonymous said…
You are too funny--I hope you feel good this morning, despite the blonk drogging.
witchypoo said…
It was funny. Had me giggling. Wine is good, friends and family even better!
Blunk drogging is fun, but trunk dexting is even more! Heh heh heh!
Theresa said…
don't you just luuuuuurve Ikea website!!! Swoon. keep having fun!
i am the diva said…
Hey there! i just wanted to remind me to send your info for the Wrap Cap that you won. If you're no longer interested, please let me know so i can give it away to someone else! cheers

madam_diva at yahoo dot com