Things I've Found In English Pockets

Conkers. These get terribly crinkly in the wash and lose all of their shinyness.

Lavender’s blue, dilly dilly, which the boys pick whenever they see it and put it into their pockets and mine. It smells beautiful. The lavender is mostly all done now, and leaves are starting to fall. We don't see blackberries on the bushes any more (maybe we've eaten them all?)

Sand. Comes of wearing long “trousers” to the beach. (Whenever I say “Pants”, English people snicker. Pants are underwear, apparently. And a “Trunk” is not a Boot. Terribly confusing.)


Pound coins! Haha! I get rich. People wonder where their allowance went to. Sam is reading over my shoulder, so now he knows….

Maltesers wrappers. Sam says that’s how it’s spelt. Oh, sorry, Sam, “Spelled”. Apparently “Spelt” is a flour. Go away and stop editing over my shoulder, you!

Because I said so!

Where was I? Pebbles and shells.

Keys for bike locks and front door.

Fuzz. There appears to be more lint in England than in Trinidad. Any theories as to why?

And there you have it. Very different pocket contents! And a very different lifestyle. I am sitting at the kitchen window on the bench, behind the kitchen table, y'know the one. My back against the wall and a cup of tea... And Sharon and Jamie on Skype!

Sean and Chas have gone out on bikes, exploring. Sam and Max are jumping on the trampoline. The sun is shining, cool breeze.

What's in your pockets, internetties?

Oh, and P.S., We have been buying INGREDIENTS and Sam is all geared up to start making cakes. He needs some more great recipes on Rainforest Information, please! (we should change the name to rainforest information, poetry, and recipes. Chas is peeved and says Sam had better get his OWN blog!)


Fuzz theory #1: In Trinidad, doors are always open and lots of lint blows away, especially when the weather is too nice to stay in and clean so the dust bunnies get bigger and blow easier!
Unknown said…
Fuzz theory #2: British Bankers cause a lot of the lint by beating up upon their Teddy Bears when no one is looking. It's how they release all their pent up frustrations, which come upon them when they have to approve a loan.
Nan Sheppard said…
I like those theories. Could be a little of both? Or that the Trini fuzz becomes spiders and runs away when you're not looking? said…
Hee! My best guess as to why you're finding more lint is... new clothes? I would hate to think some places are more linty than others... However, if that's so then maybe some places can be dustier than others and now I have an excuse!
What would the Brits say if they heard someone use the term britches? We use that quite a lot in this part of Texas.
MS said…
About the lint: I don't get it too! Hubby's bellybutton is always linty, even an hour after he had a shower and assured me that he DID wash it! Very very strange.

Cheffie-Mom said…
I can't wait to see photos of the cakes you and Sam will be making!! And thank you so much for the comment you left on my latest post!! Hugs!!
what are conkers?!?

Mostly I find rocks in their pockets...
Nan Sheppard said…
Conkers! Are the nut of the... Chestnut tree? Help me out here, English persons. They are very beautiful, an inch or two in diameter, and historically used by kids in the game "Conkers". They are polished up, hardened with vinegar and other secret recipes, and tied to string. Then they are bashed together, and the last conker wins. I think.

Max has a beauty he has named "William the Conker".
Anonymous said…
No clue on the lint, but that's some good pocket stuff you're finding!
Islandgirl said…
Trini lint is too busy liming on de beach. English lint creeps into your pockets to try to keep warm from all that cold, damp weather and just sort of snuggles up to your thighs...wouldn't you?
Anonymous said…
No theories as to lint, but the dust has a different quality to it in northern climes. It's just...fuzzier. Less sandy.

Um, this week I put Donn's wallet through the machine. He was less than happy about it and wants to know HOW I could POSSIBLY have not noticed it??!!?!?! Sigh. Also found; small coins, leaves, sand, very small rocks. Nothing too exciting.
aclare said…
Correction: Conkers come from the Horse Chestnut tree. You can not eat them.