Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Coincidence?? I THINK NOT!

Yes, folks, I'm quoting "The Incredibles" there, an awesome show...

So we've had some coincidences, recently, as well as historically, and today I read Debbie's post concerning answered prayers, and TA-DAAA! An idea for a post! And I even have peace and quiet today to write, for a change, luckily.... OR IS IT LUCK?? I will let you, dear reader, decide.

* My dear friend Kelly has a most wonderful green blanket at her house, and whenever we spend the night there we covet it. It's SO warm, so fuzzy and soft. When we came to England, I told the boys that they could have any blanket they wanted, and after a few days of trying out different types at Pat's house and Ailis' house, they knew: Sam, a duvet. Max, a stripey colourful fleece. Chas sighed and said "I know it's not possible, but you know Aunty Kelly's blanket?" We had been looking around department stores, and there was NOTHING like that anywhere. "Chas, honey, we may need to ask aunty Kelly and try to order it from the States". Sam and Max got theirs, and Chas used whatever was available.

Then, Ailis took me to a discount "overstock" store, and there, on top of a heap of random throws and covers, was THE GREEN BLANKET. Just one.

* One day in Trinidad, I was driving from the boys' school drop, frantically thinking of HOW to get the work done, orders filled, money banked, in time to pay school fees, the house is a mess and will have to stay that way, I really need help.... Many working mothers have had times like these when everything is TOO MUCH and you NEED HELP. I had been searching for a housekeeper/babysitter with increasing desperation as work and bills piled up and things at home got more grungy. Suddenly, I saw a dog that had been hit by a car. It was alive. It was awful. Bones sticking out and blood everywhere.

Readers, I drove on, cursing and shaking my fist at the sky. "Haven't I got enough on my plate? I need help, not more stress!!" Fifteen seconds later, I turned back. I spent the rest of the "working day" driving back and forth, cursing uncharitably, until I had convinced an animal shelter to come out, and at great expense, put the poor suffering dog to sleep and take it away. Finally I sat in the drain on the side of the road, exhausted, wiped the dog blood from my hands and said "NOW what?"

At that very moment, a person came out of a house nearby. They had seen the goings-on, and wanted to commiserate. They introduced themselves, and said "You from de Ceramics Factory up de Road? Allyuh need any workers? I do housekeeping, but I can learn anyting."

And dear readers, Suzanne came to work for me. She was wonderful. She stayed until Max was at school full-time, and made life good and the house tidy-ish.

* One morning, I had planned to meet a good friend (Hi Diana!) who had just had a baby. (MWAH, Jakey!) I popped into the grocery and bought some banana bread, and yogurts, and fruit, thinking that halfway through the morning a mama needs a snack. While at the grocery, I saw a large pack of washcloths. They just caught my eye, you know how sometimes your eye says LOOK! WASHCLOTHS! YOU MUST BUY THEM!! I shrugged and thought "Maybe Di could use these?"

Then Diana called and said that she had to take the baby to the doctor, she was concerned about something. "Hmmm", I thought, "What to do with all these goodies?"

I decided to visit my grandmother, who could always use a visit and some goodies. As I arrived there, I met my aunt Judy charging out the door. "NAN! Hi! I haven't slept in two days. Tricia is recovering, but Sheilagh and I have been up all night with the twins and we haven't even had breakfast... I am just going to buy us something to eat, and head back there now."

I reached into the car, and pulled out the bags of banana bread, yogurt and fruit. "Here, Judes, take this. Anything else I can do to help? What do you need?"

"Oh! Thank you! Thank you! Well...." she consults her list... (can you see what's coming here, readers?) "We really only need some washcloths, Tricia doesn't have nearly enough and those babies are pukey."

Oh yes, discerning thinkers, could there be something going on here that we cannot fathom? I have had so many curious coincidences that now, when things seem to be going wrong, I can truly step back and say "Hmmmm, I wonder what's going to happen next?" and even if I see no REASON for the mishap, keep-back or bad day, I feel that somewhere, somehow, it is certainly for the best. Hundreds, thousands of moments, some tiny, some huge but too personal to write here. It can take time and practice to live in the moment, to notice the washcloths, to ask for what you need, to stop fighting the flow, but it's what we have to do.

I really believe this. And this is what is called Faith, I think. Knowing that somewhere, someone or something is organizing things in such a way that if YOU do what you are supposed to (and this is usually what brings you happiness), and listen carefully for instruction, all will be well. The instructions may be as clear as "Look there's a creature in pain there", or as vague as a feeling about washcloths. Today, think about this. Listen well. Become part of the team. Get great benefits.


Unknown said...

Damn. when you have time to sit down and post - you really get it on!!! And I know the feeling - those 'coincidences'. I always say to myself "I love it when a plan comes together" when it happens. and yes, I stole the line from George Peppard's character on the 'A Team'.

nikki said...

Oh I am a huge believer is signs. The other day I was missing mom something fierce. I was in my studio working when suddenly over the radio a song about life came over the radio. Requested from "Pat in Ypsilanti". My mom's name and the city she lived in. All I could do was smile and say "Hey mom".

Nan Sheppard said...

Lou, what was his name, Murdock? My brother was a huge A-Team fan! Yeah, the plan is out there.

Nikki, that is so cool! She knows you'll listen to the messages. Awesome!

Islandgirl said...

And that dear readers is exactly why I plonked myself in bed today ignoring ALL the million things that HAD to be done and just relaxed. Guts were saying sit tight. Chat with Nan on skpy, kick up your feet..leave the universe to flow and tomorrow it will take you where you need to go.
Now I think the universe is telling me there is a chocolate in the fridge calling my name. :-)

Nan Sheppard said...

The universe speaks through chocolate?? I should have known....

Anonymous said...

I always figured it wasn't an apple that got us kicked out of the garden of Eden but a cocoa pod...


Kelly said...

i love the times too when there's something that has happened in the day or going on in the heart or mind and then the story the kids bring for night time reading has the exact right message to make everything alright!!

witchypoo said...

Nan, I always knew you "got" it, but you tell your story so delightfully. Wonderful!