Kitchen Thinking

I like the view from my kitchen window, even today, when it's cold and grey and windy outside. Some of the trees are already looking less leafy. It makes me want another cup of tea. Hmmmm.

Our little garden, shared with the Downstairs Neighbours, needs sprucing up. There's a compost "bin", with some stuff in it already, so we've started keeping our peelings and eggshells and teabags, and I'm going to start gardening. Of course, this is not the tropics, so I have NO CLUE what to do but I'm going to look online and ask questions and learn something new! I'm not a lover of gardening, but all of my gardening before has been "hacking back the rainforest while being attacked by fire ants" and I suspect that gently digging a flowerbed for placing bulbs underground, and then waiting till spring for things to happen, might be more my speed. Anyway, the kids, upstairs and downstairs, will love it..

Yesterday, Sam made a pineapple upside-down cake, recipe courtesy of Wacky Mommy! It was sooooo good! In fact, there's some left, which would go really well with my tea.... We will make the chocolate volcano one soon, Wacky Mommy, and Sam will keep you posted! I know I love baking when the weather's chilly (watch out, waistline!) so we have some gastronomic weekends ahead.

Sean is here, pottering around, repairing bikes, cooking good food. It's so good to have a man around.

The kids hardly get any homework, compared with the hours and hours they used to get. We have "homework time" from Monday to Thursday after supper. Half an hour to an hour of homework, and revision. I like not having homework on the weekend, it makes so much sense!

Stepping in a puddle, in the bathroom, in your ONE PAIR of fuzzy socks, is horrible. I definitely need more fuzzy socks. My children need to not flood the place when they bathe. Non-fuzzy socks can be cute and all, but they are not snuggly.

As you can see, "Moving In" has become "Normal Everyday Life". Soon I will join the Great Employment Search Of 2009, and things will become even more normal.

Without the commute.

But colder.


Nan, since moving to Italy I have grown all manner of things that grow on balconies- herbs, begonias, coleus, etc. It's a first for me and I just love to watch things thrive (more like explode!) and just be beautiful. Good luck!
I will get you more pink fuzzy socks.....if only to keep my ears warm!!!!!
Unknown said…
At least you're in the "Way South" of England, where the winters are a bit milder than they are further North. Oh. And keep his ears warm.
Nan Sheppard said…
Guyyyyys, get your minds outta the gutter!
Cheffie-Mom said…
I LOVE fuzzy socks!! One of my favorite parts of cooler weather!! Oh, and can I have a cup of tea?