Winter Fashion Crisis

Weeeeell, hello there my friends! My goodness it's been an action-packed time around here. Family has come and gone and come and gone and come. My granny is home resting with 99 different pills which I had fun putting into little compartments with the days of the week on. Plans have to be made for her. I am on standby. Chas went on a school day trip to BELGIUM today, and will return an a few hours, what a big boy! I am longing to hear his adventures.

The laundry is winning. Yesterday when Sean asked me who was winning, I said it was a tie. But now that the weekend is over, I realise that it was the mad hopes of an optimistic woman. I need a dryer soon. Hanging things up is environmental and all, but in November?

It's WINTER! All day it was cold. I need warmer clothes than I have. Will take care of that tomorrow. I have coats and fleeces, but my regular tops are cotton. My socks are cute and all, but not thermal. Y'know?

So far I THINK I like "Island Hopping" for the name of my column (thank you Grandmother) best but I have to look at them all again. Some are good for working into "about me". Thank you so much for doing my thinking for me my internetties, I don't know what I'd do without you. I will let you know as soon as I have anything published anywhere. Now I'm gonna read a bedtime story. Tomorrow: Library Book Reviews!


witchypoo said…
what zackly is your column going to be about?
Ndinombethe said…
You continue to amaze me...and I continue to miss you. Haven't had a martini since you left. Oh, can you email me your snail mail address puleeze!
Nan Sheppard said…
Witchypoo, it'll be pretty much what I write about anyway, but more about moving to Bournemouth, the fun things you can do here. "Bournemouth is great!"

Tash HELLOOOO! I will.
...and about all the oddities of modern British kitchen appliances, like the long jumping washing machine and the pot rejecting stove burner...!!!!
Unknown said…
I look forward to what you're going to be writing - whatever you call it.
I'm excited that maybe you'll be writing a guest blog for me!
Anonymous said…
Island Hopping. That's a good one!
I cannot imagine no dryer in my state--we had such a wet fall that the sunflowers I set out to dry moulded over. I totally thought of you doing your laundry without a dryer as I threw them into the field. said…
How about "Voracious Verbage"? I thunk it up a long time ago but then went with the whole HalfAsstic thing instead. You are more than welcome to it. :-)