AND THE WINNER IS!!! Also, How To Train Your Dragon in 3D trailer review

Grandmother, I love your name idea best. "Island Hopping" is a great title for a column on moving from one island to another, and I like that it's brief. "Brief, and to the point" as Chief Stoick The Vast (O hear his name and tremble, ugh ugh) once said (see "How To Train Your Dragon" by Cressida Cowell)


OH MY GOODNESS! (notice that I am not cussing. Readers, IMAGINE that I am cussing like a sailor here. Like a Viking, even.) I just googled Cressida Cowell's name to check the spelling, and Dreamworks is making a movie of "How To Train Your Dragon". "YAAAAYYY!" I said. And then I watched the trailer on YouTube. True fans of the How To Train Your Dragon books, this is a must-avoid situation. The boys and I have often said how great a movie would be, having read the How To Train Your Dragon series repeatedly and listened to the audiobooks read by David Tennant. Alas that the film trailer sucks. (Note my cunning repeated use of the book title to draw would-be movie trailer viewers) I have just shown the trailer to the boys, and they have said "Huh." and walked away in disgust. Dreamworks, why alienate and disappoint every Hiccup fan in the world?

Dreamworks, shame on you. The original story line of "How To Train Your Dragon" is original, wonderful, heartwarming and lacks sappy scenes with babes in leather. (Who IS she? Not Camicazi, surely? And where is Fishlegs? You DIDN'T write Fishlegs out of the film, did you?)

Hiccup was a naturalist, not a weapons designer. That's actually a huge thing. And? Toothless the Dragon? Has no teeth. Duh. What the heck? (cue Viking cussing here)


Grandmother I am so sorry to have gone off on a tangent like that, very rude of me. I will write you a blog post as your Winning Prize, with pleasure!

Everyone else, thank you so much! This is really exciting for me. I will keep you all posted. I am reading Collins' "Improve Your Writing Skills" and learning so much, and now my brother the hott pro photographer and film guy (check out his website, he's awesome) is having wild fun ideas about short films and animated childrens' stories. I say "Can I start small, like with a weekly column?" but apparently I am greater than that. Brothers rock!

This post today is not at all what it was going to be, but you have to forgive me. I am still in Dreamworks-Induced Shock.

Comments said…
Ohmigosh! I have an awesome brother like that as well! How cool is that?! Awesome brothers are PRICELESS!
I am a firm believer that the books are ALWAYS better than the movie. No matter what one we're talking about.
Anonymous said…
How horrible to see a book you adore RUINED by Hollywood. I am SO sorry. Really.
But YAY Grandma!!!
Fuzzeling Gruggelbutts of Valhalla!
Curse them, curse them!
Anonymous said…
Hey! Wow! Double-plus-extra-coolness! I am blushing this morning at being a "hot pro photographer film guy"! You're so cool - I love you.