I Just Know You're Longing For More Old Lady News

So Margo, who recently had a heart attack at aged 93, charmed the entire staff of Ward 22 and returned home slightly frailer but NOT feebler, needs a new Holiday Season Wardrobe. Thus, Mum and I took Margo shopping yesterday at Beales, a great department store in Bournemouth where I once worked long, long ago as a teenager. Beales is Margo's favourite place in the world.

Margo is tiny now. We have to look in the "Petite" section where the choice is not vast. Sales girls try sweetly to help, and Margo says "that's a little old, dear" when they show her the latest in Retirement Cardigan and Jersey Twinsets. Margo takes off toward "Jaeger", swinging her stick rebelliously.

"I don't need it, you know."
"But it would be great for tripping people up if they get in your way, Margo."
"So it would!" she agrees, doing a few practice jabs.

After hours of shopping, and a lunch break in the Beales Restaurant, Margo finally had two really lovely tops which fit, are beautifully soft (one cashmere I think) and require new BLACK undergarments, because her vest showed slightly with one of them and it would be fine if the vest were black and lacy. The lingerie department had nothing suitable, so Mum and I will see what we can find in Marks and Spencer.

We returned home and Mum and I collapsed exhausted in a heap. Margo had a brief nap and a neighbour around for tea.

The Cardiac Nurse is coming around on Thursday, to check Margo's progress. The authorities expect that the old lady would be unfit to travel to the hospital for her checkup. HA!


Unknown said…
Seeing you, knowing you - I would expect Margo to be nothing less than what she apparently is - indomitable.
I love her! I want to be like Margo when I grow up.
Nan Sheppard said…
Indomitable is a good word, Lou.

Grandmother, ME TOO!
aclare said…
You don't THINK it was Cashmere... you KNOW it was Cashmere. She would never buy any thing less!!
Islandgirl said…
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Islandgirl said…
I have had the good fortune of knowing a couple spunky 'old' (DONT EVER LET THEM HEAR YOU SAY THAT)ladies in my life. They are wonderful! Carry on Margo! The world needs more people like you in it..and I hope to be one of them someday. Life is to live!! Lacy undies and all.
Anonymous said…
Once when I was about 17 we were visiting some "old" friends of my mum's near Cambridge, 4 elderly women living together. The youngest was about 83, and when we arrived she was out mowing the lawn with a push mower! They made their own jam and got up at 6 and ran us all round the area seeing the sights, and about 3 would ask us gently if we weren't a little tired. We were exhausted by then! ;) Margo would get on well with them.
Anonymous said…
What a hoot that must have been!
She is a treasure!
and she bakes cakes and treats for the kids every week too, sometimes I even share some with them!