Friday News

Wow you guys! I'm blushing at your compliments and support, and love many of your suggestions. I have to think a bit, but keep those ideas coming!

Other stuff is going on to keep my mind elsewhere: The amazing Margo, aged 93, is in hospital with a dodgy heart. She's out of the danger zone now, and expected to recover. She has charmed all of the doctors and nurses, and they are making sure her medication works before sending her home on Monday. Half the family has been, is, or will be coming through my house this week/weekend, sleeping and eating, and my kitchen table has been EXTENDED to suit. It's fun, and a relief that for now, Margo is still a tough old bird. It is so hard to see her, small and covered with plasters and with an oxygen mask on. "You brought my book! Did you bring my glasses? Oh, good." I'm glad we are near.

Anyway, if you don't hear from me this weekend don't panic, as I will be inundated with sister, cousins, aunt, small extra kids, hungry people, and fireworks on Saturday night.

My mum will be here in a week and a half, which will be wonderful! I miss you Mum! Strawberries are standing by...

Max has a LEADING ROLE in the Panto! He is Badger, one of my favourite characters of all time. He says his lines with the BBC accent he's heard on our "Wind In The Willows" CD and it's hilarious! Strangely, apart from stage appearances, the boys seem to have kept their Trini accents intact. I am glad!

Chas goes to battlefields in Belgium for the day on Monday, and will bring back chocolate. The school bus is taking them as part of a World War Poetry thing, so we will read poetry all weekend, and do a French crash course. Fun! Exciting!

I went to the library and borrowed books on writing! Greengirl, no sign of the one you recommended, but the larger library might have it. Also might look online and order. Are there any recommended websites out there?

Today my mission is to FINISH THE LAUNDRY! It keeps raining. Drat. Hang 'em out, bring 'em in, hang 'em out... I'm going to turn the heating on and drape things all over the house to dry.

Keep byline suggestions coming! I love them, and they are helping the whole thing to percolate in my brain. Speaking of percolate, a cup of coffee on a cold and rainy day? Mmmmm.... Good plan.


Unknown said…
Coffee on a cold and rainy day - with a good book and many blankets to bury one's self under.

Sorry I've been so absent lately - my routine has been thrown into a tizz. But I'm getting my groove back. And getting back to you.
Anonymous said…
Enjoy all the fun with family. Hope you get that laundry done--your post reminded me of the quilt I have on the line outside right now. said…
Wow, that sounds cozy... cold, rainy day and coffee.
I am glad everyone is doing so well and am excited about your writing ventures! Or, I guess I should say, adventures.
Islandgirl said…
Hope Margo feels better and is back home soon..she must be missing it. Enjoy all the family this weekend. And remember I am only loaning you your mum for a little while!! Freeport is going to be reaaaaaaal lonely! Miss you darlin, hoping to catch up soon but life is CRAZY!! Kiss all the boyos for me. And video tape Maxo..this I have to see!
Kelly said…
ok....the inspiration for your column name came to me this suggestion is "trans-atlantic transitions". love to all =)!!!
prashant said…
Enjoy all the fun with family. Hope you get that laundry done-
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