More Children's Book Reviews: Grimm and Haunting

"The Snow Goose", Paul Gallico. The 2007 edition, hauntingly illustrated by Angela Barrett. This book was shortlisted this year for the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal.

I had read "The Snow Goose" years ago, of course, and when I re-read it this evening I wept. How am I going to read this to the boys, and keep my composure? What a beautiful story. Recommended for kids 10 and up, since it contains war violence and death. Parents of sensitive kids beware!

And speaking of sensitivity, we're reading "The Walker Book Of Fairy Tales", adapted by Amy Ehrlich, illustrated by Diane Goode.

Children being thrashed and put to bed without their supper, witches shoved into ovens and left to a horrible death, this book has it all! You know I love it. One thing which makes this book special is the use of bright, colourful illustrations interspersed with dark pencil drawings. Ogres and Wicked Stepmothers are ghostly and insubstantial, but not less scary!

Off to the library you go, now! Or Amazon. I haven't been able to get books 3, 4, 5 or 6 in the "Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy" trilogy at the library, and I will probably order them for the boys. I bought book 7, "And Another Thing", for myself, and have to admit that Eoin Colfer has me rolling in the aisles. He has done a good job of channelling Douglas Adams. We still miss you, dude. You were one hoopty frood and wherever you are, we hope you've got your towel.


Anonymous said…
That first book sounds haunting. I actually have a DATE to meet my BFF Sarah at Barnes & NOble Saturday morning. Yes, I have a notepad filled with things I want to look for. I haven't set foot in a bookstore since June when our independently owned/operated one closed. But it is time and I am having withdrawal.