Signs I've Found In Places?

I miss the signs in Trinidad: "No Unnecessary Liming!" "Welding Done Here" (under a dentist's sign).

"No Campfires! Boil All Water Before Drinking!"

What good signs have you seen lately, internetties?

Comments said…
Heh. Good one!
Some others--
"Lawn cutting done here" think about this for a second.
"Teeth fixed while you wait"
"Do NOT in gateway"
"Suckling ducks for Sale"
"Scrubbing board outlet"

Oh, And,
"Landslide under construction"
Pinkerbell said…
Ha ha, "teeth fixed while you wait" is funny. I used to laugh a lot at the slogan which Wrigleys used in chewing gum advert a few years ago... "When you eat, chew." - well der??
GirlBlue said…
Someone took a pic of a sign down south advertising "Halal Pork" quel horror!
Theresa said…
"No Peeing. Pee home" I think that was on a rum shop wall. And "no shitting in this track" on the way to Toco. I miss home :)
Nan Sheppard said…
Hee heeeee! Oh, lordy, I remember some of these. Cracks me up!

Keep 'em coming!
Anonymous said…
Like the new look! (I usually read in feedreader)

On a wall: It is forbidden to urinate here.

Downtown: No honking of car horns! (funny because everyone does it non stop)

I know I've seen lots more but nothing's coming to mind.
Islandgirl said…
I like the one I got a shot of the other day "Non Portable Water" ( tank was heavy I guess..)

Years ago we put up a sign on a tree on the way to Toco that said "Stop and Drink" a couple weeks later someone added a spray paint arrow going down to the bottom of the tree with the by line "and Pee"

But I think my fav was the nursery down in La Brea called "De Chirren Pen"
Anonymous said…
That is so funny.