Stylish Hat Wows Cyclists!

This morning, Sean and I went out into the English Drizzle, with our scarves and brollies. We didn't hop on our bikes, because when I ride in the rain my ears freeze and rain blows into my hoodie and makes my hair depressed. We walked to the bus instead, and went into the old town.

BUT! When we arrived home, there was a package for me from LadyDiva containing THIS HAT from Conscious Alterations! Now don't get overwhelmed, take your time and follow ALL of those links, you won't be sorry.

Not only is my new Conscious Hat (in charcoal grey) stylish and original, but it will be awesome for riding. As you can see if you click on the links above, this hat will not blow away or allow drippy drips in AND it will keep my ears warm and dry. I will wear it with gratitude and consciousness, and my hair and ears will be happy!

This Conscious Hat is the wave of the future, folks. Get one now! They come in many groovy colours, and Conscious Alterations produces other hand-made accessories which look great.

Edited: Mention This Review when ordering and receive a sweet 25% off!


i am the diva said…
Hooray!! i'm so glad it made its way to you...eventually!!

mention this review when placing an order and receive 25% off! Sweet deal!! said…
Oh, wow! Love that! I want one and I don't ever wear hats... Maybe I need to start.
Islandgirl said…
woo new look to the site.

And the hat is seriously cool too!
Polar Bear said…
wow. What a cool hat!! Whatever will they think of next??!!
witchypoo said…
Yep, with that hat, you are all set for the bike riding.
Anonymous said…
I bet you look stunning and stylish. And dry;)