Trini Christmas in Surrey, in November.....

  • Parang and Soca and an inter-generational winin' contest
  • Garlic Pork
  • ONE Set Ah Trinis (which, as we all know, is different from AH set ah Trinis)
  • All Fours Tournament with much bawling and accusation
  • Beautiful Trini Children everywhere dancing and riding bikes THROUGH the melee. Trini Children are really the most beautiful!
  • Fudge
  • Rum
  • Food like peas
  • Presents!
  • Some English Spouses And Friends
  • Heating On HIGH
  • HAIL the following morning. The boys ran out and brought some inside, where it melted and made little puddles
  • Coming home, tired, to a messy house, is A-OK
  • And now, it's turned COLD. Proper thermal undies weather
  • I'll work up a sweat washing out garlic pork jars and fudge pots that have been sitting there since the Saturday morning rush, and hanging up Christmas cards on a ribbon. NOW I feel Christmassy! What radio station is online and has parang? One hundred? Please advise.


Theresa said…
I wanna come toooooooooooo!
Google parang radio station and you get "Caribbean Free Radio" # 39- A Taste of Parang. No kidding! Your party sounds like great fun and Christmas is still to come!
Nan Sheppard said…
Theresa, YOU are going home for Carnival so you'll get NO sympathy from me!

Grandmother, thanks!
Unknown said…
If there is one thing that brings me back - and close to the Islands - it's the music. I am now listening to Caribbean Free Radio. Cool.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like you are doing JUST fine meshing all of your favorite things from everywhere. Thermal underwear...just dragged ours out!
Theresa said…
But I haven't had a trini Christmas in YEARS!!!! Years Nan... Years!
I wonder if Daisy is on Itunes? NOTHING says Trini Christmas like Daisy. Thanks to Grandmother I am now going to Google Caribbean Free Radio #39!
Thank you.
Enjoy a lil Daisy Voisin