Tuesday Library Book Review

"In Flanders Fields", Poetry of the First World War, edited by George Walter: I borrowed this so that Chas could have some more experience of war poetry before his school trip to the Trenches of Ypres. Some of the poetry is beautiful, most is very sad.

"Where war has left its wake of whitened bone,
Soft stems of summer grass shall weave again,
And all the blood that the war has ever strewn
Is but a passing stain."
-Lesley Coulson

"Seal Surfer", by Michael Foreman who illustrated last review's "Sir Gawain And The Green Knight". I believe Foreman has illustrated several of Michael Morpurgo's books, and I love his watercolours. "Seal Surfer" is a story through the seasons of a boy who befriends a seal. Very much placed on the South Coast of England with paintings of the cliffs and storms we've seen here. And surfing, which we're keen on.

"Night Bus", three SCARY stories by Anthony Horowitz. Sam read them all in one go and had to sleep with me! I grabbed them without looking too hard, thinking "Ah, Anthony Horowitz, the boys love him" and didn't realise how scary the stories were. It does say on the back, "Three terrifying tales you'll wish you'd never read" and having read them myself, I'd say they are excellent, spooky, disturbing stories for young teens if you don't mind a kid creeping into your bed for the night. Sam really enjoyed them.

"The Wild Washerwomen", by John Yeoman and Quentin Blake. Can you go wrong with Quentin Blake? I think not. This one is a winner! Seven washerwomen bury their horrible boss in dirty laundry and go on the rampage. Eventually seven woodcutters stand up to them and try to terrify them with their dirtiness but the washerwomen are unfazed. We've read this over and over, and laugh out loud every time.

"Snuggle Up, Sleepy Ones", by Claire Freedman. A comforting, sleepy bedtime rhyme about animals on the African Plains snuggling up safely with their mamas and papas. Great for little ones who need convincing that it's sleepy time.

We also borrowed a collection of Fairy Tales and are enjoying re-reading "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" and all the others.

These books are all available at Bournemouth Libraries... And probably at a library near you! Get reading, folks!


HalfAsstic.com said…
Great suggestions, I can tell! Where were you when my girls were little? ;-)
Anonymous said…
oh sure, it's all very well to say "a library near you" all casually like that!
Anonymous said…
Quentin Blake is a favorite at our house too--but we've never come across that one!
Build memories that last a lifetime
(and a reading habit, too) - read to your kids!
MS said…
snuggle up sleepy one to be ordered!
MS said…
P.S. This is Theresa :)
Nan Sheppard said…
Planetnomad, I laughed so much at your comment! You have my sympathies!

Green Girl, you will LOVE "The Wild Washerwomen"! Theresa, get it too. Zara will love the pictures.

Grandmother, that's the idea!