Book Review: Anthony Horowitz' "Alex Rider" Series - Snakehead

When Chas and Sam unwrapped this book on Christmas Morning, they had that heartwarming Christmas banter conversation that parents glow to hear at 5.30 a.m. "CROCODILE TEARS! YAY!"

"I get to read it first"

"No, MY name is written on the tag before yours"

"That is so random"



"Well you got 'Coraline'"


Fortunately, Santa brought lots of other cool stuff so the boys were able to read in tandem with only a few small arguments. They finished the book on the train back from London, swapping with the DS game whatsit. Which I will not be reviewing here, because I just can't bring myself to!

The Alex Rider series has gripped our household since we discovered the first book, "Stormbreaker". Alex is a reluctant spy. When his uncle, who raised him, dies in a mysterious "accident", Alex begins to discover things about himself that he'd never imagined: His parents were secret agents, and so was his uncle. Fourteen-year-old Alex is drawn into a world of despicably evil genius baddies who all get what they deserve, and saves the world again and again as the brilliant youngest secret agent ever.

"Crocodile Tears" touches on Genetic Modification and how it can be misused - Many of the books are informative and well-researched.

I am sure that even reluctant readers would get into these books. They are fun, page-turners. I read a few of them (out of sequence to the horror of Chas and Sam) and heartily recommend them to adventure-loving boys (and girls) everywhere.

Not for sensitive young readers - some of the baddies are, you know, eaten by their own pet crocodiles and stuff.


Unknown said…
Oh cool. I gotta read a book where the bad guys get eaten by their own crocs - I mean ... that just rocks.

And tell the boys there are much nicer words to use than "ass" - knucklehead, dimwit and turdball come to mind immediately. It is, after all, just a matter of expanded vocabulary.
Anonymous said…
Thanks! This sounds right up T's alley!