But First, The Highlights...

Thanks for all of the input on the uterus post over the weekend my friends! I have deleted it as promised. In a nutshell, it looks like the guys who've had the "snip" (and their wives) are happy with it. Everyone seems to have issues with the pill, but many of us take it anyway because we also have issues with having more babies! Some love the IUD, but husbands everywhere complain that they get poked by the string. Rubbers rock but you have to be careful, as sometimes babies get through.

Yay! Good information. You may add more in comments, but I won't be deleting this post!

And in other news... I have been so busy! But nice busy, rushing to London to hang out with my sister and Mum and my sister's future in-law women. It was great, we had a good girls' night and some other ladies came the next morning and gave us all massages. Sigh! Yesterday, we had some long-lost family and some old friends over for lunch/supper with hordes of children and good food.

I am behind on several projects, and Max went to school wearing Sam's trousers this morning. (Max's were wet) What they must think of me at school I don't know, but I wrote an apologetic letter to Max's teacher and I hope they find his other trousers at school today. I know they are there, he left them after football last week. Sigh.

Feeling Christmassy!

We have one more week of school to go. And then, we 'll be heading to London for a real London Christmas: Ice Skating! Carols! Night Sights! Mum and Dad! Pantomimes! It's going to be different! I'll take pictures.


Unknown said…
How lovely it all sounds. And though I've never been to London for Christmas, I have been there on Boxing Day. And it was grand. My love to the boys.
Oh, the holidays- how fun! We head for Trinidad tomorrow and can hardly wait- the wee ones add so much to the festive spirit! Hugs to all your boys.
Anonymous said…
London at Christmastime! You MUST take pictures!
Sounds like a blissful weekend--you sure have a lot of family there.
HalfAsstic.com said…
Good grief, a London Christmas! I can't even imagine. Have a great time!