Christmas Book Review: Cat In The Manger, by Michael Foreman

Another beautifully illustrated book from Michael Foreman. "Cat In The Manger" is narrated from the point of view of a Cat with an Attitude. I like the way the story happens around him, without him ever realising what is really happening. He is affected in spite of himself, and never kills another mouse.

A sweet Christmas story for kids who already know THE Christmas Story!

And check it out! I have Amazon ads! I am pathetically thrilled about this, because you know how I harp on about books here, and I've always wished I could encourage everyone to buy a book for their kids IMMEDIATELY. And it just got easier. That just fills me with Christmas Joy!

In other, other news: Weather Update is lousy, rain and more rain here on the coast of Jolly England. I hope it keeps snowing in London so that we can make a snowball or two there later on this week.

Happy Solstice Day everyone, hope your Monday is Merry!


Anonymous said…
I have to check that out--especially since we HAVE a cat!