MORE Christmas Spirit!

OH, the ecstasy that is Internet Shopping! Every day, stuff arrives at the door to be secreted into a cupboard. And I don't have to go out in the hail! So enthusiastic am I about online shopping that this weekend I ordered my groceries. Apart from a much larger bag of cornmeal than I intended, it's perfect. We'll be having cornmeal stuffing for the rest of the year is all. (I know, they would have taken it back. But stuffing is good, and arepas for breakfast too)

Huge quantities of fudge are happening, and being bagged for our favourite people. We are tasting every batch to make sure they are up to our usual high standards.

We went to see "A Christmas Carol" in 3D this weekend, our first ever 3D experience! It was such fun. We arrived early, ate all of the popcorn before the lights were even out, made fun of one another in our silly glasses, and made so much noise that people said "SHHHH!" before the movie even started. We DID shhh, you'll be glad to hear, because we have nice manners, yo. The movie is lovely from the very beginning, with the original words beautifully spoken in some parts. There's nothing cute about "A Christmas Carol in 3D", which was a relief to me.

3D is amazing. The scary ghosty bits were TRULY SCARY, and Max spent much of the movie with his face in my armpit. But he really enjoyed it as well and the boys all slept like happy logs that night with good dreams. I did have to stay with them till they fell asleep though! I do recommend this film for kids, but I wouldn't take one younger than 7 or really sensitive.

Sean has posted his Uncle Sunny's tried-and-true Garlic Pork Recipe on his new Cooking Blog, "Chickenfoot Souse For The Soul". Trinis take note! Also, Parang. Sean's Blog is a virtual Trini Christmas this week.

Can you tell I'm feeling Christmassy? I searched Online Radio Stations (yeah, internet shopping again... but this is free) and found a great Christmas Music Station. Of course, now I can't find it again. I found a new one though, and it's fine. The boys and I belted out "Oh Holy Night" in the kitchen yesterday. Chas sighed and said, "Now, it's Christmas" and I think so too.

I find myself giggling as I practise my Ninja-Parent present-hiding skillz. Buying different wrapping paper to what we've already got, because obviously Santa's would be different. And this year, so far, I do not have the Traditional Christmas Cold. I think I had it in October. Or have I just jinxed myself? Will take vitamin C tomorrow, just in case.

How are your Christmas Preparations coming along, internetties? Any excitement? How's the cooking coming along?


Unknown said…
Tell me - is it easier to get 'Christmassy' in England? Does it feel different to you than it did in Trinidad?

Oh, and thank you for the review of "A Christmas Carol". It's good to know the stuck to the spirit of the book.

My love to the boys. And say 'Hi' to Max, 'K?
Nan Sheppard said…
Will definitely tell Max hi for you.

And no, it's not easier.... just very different! We are trying to create our new traditions here, and I think it'll take a few years before we get the hang of it. It's kinda nice, but kinda not, to have less stuff to do, less parties, less shopping. We'll see!
i am the diva said…
ah yes, GLORIOUS internet shopping. :D said…
Craaaaap! I gotta get busy! I have some of the shopping done but, not finished by a long shot. Need to get busy in the kitchen and make some of those gifts!
witchypoo said…
House cleaned, tree and decorations up, presents still to be bought.
Anonymous said…
Care to share that awesome fudge recipe?
Finally got the sorrel jam right, so been picking these little babies like crazy. Have had a bounty of passion fruit of late, so going to try making a jam with it.
Was wondering if these could be 2 new flavors of fudge. What's life without a little adventure (or as we say in Trini - What doh kill does fatten)! Hey, it's how great chefs become great chefs! or don't...

Nan Sheppard said…
What, the TOP SECRET fudge recipe? Well, we might as well, we give it to anyone who asks...!
Sissy Jogger said…
Waat Nan I MISS you dollie dear! Its the Mirena uterine bling that's supposed to keep auntie flo at bay . .. hope she doesn't get lost tho!
Anonymous said…
Decorated, baked, trimmed, decked and loaded. Kidding.
We talked about bringing the boys to that movie--it looks so good.
The pre-Christmas cold sounds like it came early enough not to mess with the week of, which is always preferable. I heart Internet shopping, too, but no groceries. Just dry goods!
Theresa said…
I did my shopping yesterday! I love shopping :) I think I'll make punch ah creme next week.
On the side, I see somebody talking bout Mirena. I just had mine removed. It killed my sex drive, gave me 2 weeks of pms and made my boobs hurt. Waiting for it to wear off now.