So I Stood In The Middle Of Borders And CRIIIEEED...

When we arrived in Bournemouth, the kids and I spent hours and hours hanging out in Borders Bookstore; lying on the floor reading, having coffee and cookies, logging into the internet to check email and get stuff done, playing video games, and leaving with armloads of books to replace all of the books we didn't bring to England. It was a few weeks before the boys could get into school, but their time was spent in a literary way so I'm sure it didn't matter much.

We got to know the dude behind the Paperchase counter, with the amazing hair. Last week his hair was Christmas green, and when I said "Nice Hair!", he showed me that his co-workers had decorated it like a Christmas Tree, with bells and tinsel.

We chatted with the friendly, approachable staff, who never gave us bad vibes for lying on the floor in the "fiction, 7-11" section.

The guys in the videogame section very kindly persuaded Sam and Max to buy lots of new DS games, to go with their second-hand DS. Gee thanks guys!

Borders was warm and friendly when the weather was rainy, and you could watch for your bus from within the doorway while hoping the rain would stop.

So today, I bought a few more books for Christmas at huge savings, and I bought a soft brown bear named Barnaby. Barnaby the Borders Bear. Santa will put him out with the stockings, and we will treasure him forever.

Edited: Yes, they are closing down in the UK, unless someone comes along and buys the entire chain. Weep! Gnash!


I could spend hours in a good book store.
Preferably by myself though ;)
Anonymous said…
I take it the store is closing?
Did the bear touch your heart or the nice store clerk or is it your hormones? It CAN'T be closing!
I surely love book stores, too!
Unknown said…
Do I detect a certain "Past Tense" in regards to Borders? Is THAT why you cried? Or were they tears of joy at having such a place close at hand - what with the deprived condition you endured in Trinidad?
I think I would be perfectly happy living in a bookstore. Someday I hope to own one. One for people who like to over-think their fiction.

It sounds like you all had a lovely time.
witchypoo said…
The bear is a lovely memory. Your kids sure have a rough life haha. said…
I love book stores! I could spend a week in one with out emerging! They have taken the big comfy leather chairs and couches out of Barnes and Nobel's recently and that makes it not as homey.
Nan Sheppard said…
Yes, they are CLOSING DOWN in the UK.