Things I've Found In Pockets: Max's Coat

Half a Mozzarella Panini wrapped in a napkin. It's been there since we went to the theatre last week.... eew!

Chestnuts. They've been there since September. Max says they have to stay.


Lego head. Ominous?

Wheel of car.

Assorted Christmas Cracker items.

A guitar pick made out of a credit card cut into pieces.

What's going on in your pockets, internetties? I love the seasonal pocket changes here, in Trinidad it was same old, same old through the year. And there were fewer pockets. In England we have coat pockets, which don't get checked as often and thus, more things accumulate.

We are home, and happy to be here. It rained and hailed all night, and we left the heating on right through: A first. The boys are playing guitars, one a new Christmas present. Chas' OWN, which he can tote around in a backpack-type bag and we won't be panicking about the valuableness of the instrument. It's a lovely Yamaha C40 Spanish-sounding sprucetop. Sam's guitar is a steel-string, which suits his technical pedanticity. They swap all the time, though. We now officially have an uncountable number of guitars. They are spread around, in houses and recording studios everywhere.


Anonymous said…
Eww! Mozzarella panini! At least it wasn't meat.

My most recent interesting find was a quarter of a broken plate in the washing machine.
Anonymous said…
How cool that they play--really PLAY! I've found nothing interesting lately...but I have a mountain of laundry awaiting!
Nan Sheppard said…
Their playing is such a source of joy to me!
Nan Sheppard said…
Elizabeth, HOW did that happen??