This Is Getting Serious!

My Fans, (all I can think of now is a certain someone farting in front of the fan. Feeling a little warped today) Ahem. My dear readers, I have been writing all over the place lately. Full of good advice, wisdom, questions and commentary, I am.

At GNM Parents, you can see a list of Great Christmas Gifts for your Little Scientists.

At The Bournemouth Echo, I have an article about the Government Checks any person has to get before they can work with children; even if all they're doing is reading a story at school. Where do we draw the line between protecting children and raising fearful kids?

And there's a guest post over at Journey Into Elderhood, where we ask more questions: What do we need now, from our Elders, in this changing world?

Check 'em out! Discuss!


wow - good for you!!! Keep on writing, Nan!
Anonymous said…
You are so common sense. (Types the mom who always debriefs her kid after they cover stranger danger in karate) Nice work, girlfriend. And three cheers for appreciating our Elders. Will you post your son's granny-jammies?
Nan Sheppard said…
Thanks, my Friends. You are the reason I'm writing!
Nan Sheppard said…
I hope Granny finds the time between exhibitions and London Gadding to make those jammies!