All Social And Political, My Apologies

I never do this here, but this report from the UN Small Arms Survey on Guns, Gangs and Governance in Trinidad is excellent. It's a PDF Download, sorry! But worth it.

The report states that "On a per capita basis, the eastern districts of Port of Spain are among the most dangerous places on the planet and, as a whole, the murder rate for Port of Spain is comparable to that of Baghdad" (Kukis, 2009).

Those are some of the areas where I worked (with SERVOL) as a Parenting Lecturer, in an effort to empower young men and make them more likely to hang around as Dads. I loved it. It was incredibly rewarding. No-one ever shot at me.

Non-Governmental Organizations like SERVOL need help from non-corrupt people if we are to make Trinidad safe and beautiful again. What can YOU do to help, Trini?

"Studies in T & T have identified punishment at home as more severe than
punishment at school (Deosaran, 2008, p. ix). According to Nils Kastberg, the
UN Children’s Fund regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean:
witnessing violence in the home or being physically or sexually abused, for instance,
may condition children or adolescents to become victims or perpetrators." (UNICEF, 2008)
Plainly put, the cycle is one of violence begetting violence.

And now I'll shut up, before people start pelting stones and saying "Yeah, Miz Gone-To-England!"