Bananas in Pajamas

Yesterday, we spent ALL DAY in our jammies. I know that some of you have done this before, but it's a new thing for our family. When you live in the tropics, you really don't want to keep your stinky jammies on your stinky body for so long, but here in Jolly Olde Freezing Cold England, there is no stinky. Only snuggly warmness inside, lolling about. Fuzzy socks and all.

After supper, we said "Have a shower and put on your jammies", and the boys said "Ha HA! We have our jammies on already!"

So what did we DO all day, in our jammies?

We played Videogames, and online games.
We played chess.
We ate.
We coloured pictures.
We played CDs and guitars.
We drank 247 cups of tea.
We read our way through the heaps of BOOKS we got for Christmas and from the library.

Beginning with the youngest appeal: "Stories of Dragons" by Gillian Doherty is beautifully illustrated (a different style to match each story) by Linda Edwards. A well-researched collection of twelve stories from around the world. I recognize tales from Chinese and Persian Myths, English and European Folklore and The Vedas. The boys really enjoyed these stories, especially Max. Dragons are such a popular theme around here! We were all sorry when we got to the end of this book.

"Paddington", England's favourite Bear, used to be a bit of a mystery for Max, who had never been to England before. The stories are so very English, but now that we are here the adventures of Paddington Bear speak to all the boys.

"My Family And Other Animals" by Gerald Durrell is a long-time family favourite. Young Gerald moves with his family to the Mediterranean and finds a vast new world of flora and fauna to discover. This is a book which you have to stop reading aloud to gasp for air and wipe your eyes, it's so hilarious. Any child who has ever collected bugs, looked at moss or had a pet lizard must have this book. It is good therapy for the parents of those budding naturalists, too. Easily readable-aloud to little ones with good vocabularies, each chapter is a story, and older kids will be entranced. One of Chas' best books of all time. The Chapter "Scorpions In A Matchbox" is so Chas.

"Boy", Roald Dahl's childhood and youth, another good one for older kids. Fans of Dahl's stories for young kids will enjoy moving on to these tales. A great book for grownups, too. Chas and Sam are both enjoying this autobiography.

I am reading Gerald Martin's "Officially Tolerated" Biography of Gabriel García Márquez, and I will write a review soon. This book should not have to share a review with anything else.

I would be most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves.  ~Anna Quindlen


Unknown said…
I love that quote. Would that more should have such ambitions for their children.
Anonymous said…
Just catching up on your blog. Glad to see that you are well and having fun as always.
Came back from a long hiatus to NeverNeverLand. Brought in the new year in pajamas actually. Under a full moon. On a very low tide-so-that-one-could-clamber-over-exposed-rocks-to-a-teeny-island offshore. Roasting wieners, marshmallows, and girl scout "dampers" around a driftwood fire ablaze on soft warm sand.
Uhhh...yeah so where was I...ummm....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Great books. I love Gerald Durrell. Have you read "Three singles to Adventure". The first I ever read from him and still one of my favorites. Always good for a tickle. It's about collecting animal specimens in South America. Boys should love it.
Interested to hear more on Gabriel García Márquez. THE man who writes books that are impossible to put down (especially if they have no punctuation).
Dragons are the "in" thing now are they? The girls and my niece have even taken to creating and writing a guide and stories about their own dragons. (Apparently there are even a few of the wee creatures lurking at the bottom of meh garden just waiting for the gloaming...)

Anonymous said…
Adore that quote--and I applaud you for all the great work you do in making your boys readers!
Anonymous said…
I live in my jammies now. Under my snow pants, sweater, coat, gloves, scarf and hat, nobody knows a thing :) Just today I was thinking that I don't have to pack my fuzzy socks in 9 days.
Nan Sheppard said…
Vicki, you are killing me here! Max and I will be in Trini for ONE WEEK this month, and there isn't enough time to go to beaches.

"Three Singles To Adventure" Chas loved as well, because many of the animals he was collecting are also found in Trinidad!

Theresa, see you there in two weeks!
Anonymous said…
On an interesting note:

In 1947, Margo, sister to Gerald Durrell, returned home to England after years of travel to find a means to support her two children. On the advice of an aunt, she established a boarding house in Bournemouth. "Whatever Happened to Margo?" was written by Margo in 1951 and discovered in an attic by a granddaughter, it details Margo's experiences as a landlady in this town. At one time her brother Gerald visited with his snake and several monkeys who later escaped into the neighborhood.

Nan Sheppard said…
Good grief! And here we are now in Bournemouth!

Okay, I've found it: 51 St. Alban's Avenue... Only a few blocks away! We'll have to go and visit!

I'm certain the library will have Margo's book, will have to get it. What fun! said…
*Hangs head in shame* I can't tell you how many days I have spent in my jammies...A LOT!
Anonymous said…
sometimes your posts make me wildly jealous! I think this is for the books.
Sounds like an awesome day!
Becky Brown said…
I'm with LceeL - LOVE that quote! And I'm excited to hear that your tribe embraced the jammies - they will change your life!
..and Geralrd Durrell used to live around here too!
Nan Sheppard said…
AND Mary Shelley!

I should do a literary tour of Bournemouth...
Kelly said…
we just finished building 4 new book shelves and have a new pre-made book shelf being delivered tomorrow =)!!!
Anonymous said…
You coming home???? What date?
Nan Sheppard said…
Wednesday 20th!! *dance of joooooy!*