Breastfeeding: Not Enough Milk?

I'm writing over on GNM Parenting about BREASTFEEDING! My favourite subject.

"We’ve all heard the good stuff about breastfeeding: It’s great for baby, great for Mom, better for the environment and the National Health Budget. Search the net for “Benefits of Breastfeeding” and there are zillions of helpful (and unhelpful) sites providing information (and misinformation) about breastfeeding. But the consensus: with the World Health Organization, The American Academy of Paediatrics, UNICEF, and Scientists and Doctors everywhere, is that breastfeeding is the best way to nourish your baby.

Some of the latest studies point out that:

* Exclusive breastfeeding at one month cut the risk of SIDS in half

* Breastfeeding Cuts Breast Cancer Risk

* Breastfeeding Boosts Kids’ IQ

* Easier weight loss after childbirth: breastfeeding burns up to 500 calories per day, and helps to return the uterus to it’s pre-pregnancy size and shape.

So if breastfeeding is SO WONDERFUL, why isn’t everyone doing it?"

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Comments said…
You know when our mothers were young, practically no one was doing it. Well, at least over here in the states. It just wasn't the trend and bottles were much more "advanced" at the time.
I think a lot more people are doing it now. But a lot aren't just because they don't know anything about it and have no support.
Unknown said…
I think breastfeeding is cool. It's natural. It's the way itty bitty human beings were meant to be fed. There was a time when women were PAID to breastfeed the children of other women who, perhaps, did not have enough milk - or had too many kids (like triplets) - or for one reason or another were just unable to nurse. Wetnurses, they were called. Humankind got smart on breastmilk. Not formula.
Audubon Ron said…
Not my area of expertise, but stopped by to wish a Happy New Year.
Anonymous said…
I did it! It was cheap, easy and SO convenient. I'd never consider doing anything else!
I still enjoy Breastfeeding!