Children's Book Reviews, Continued...

Well, there are some readers with suggestions out there! And our own list has been added to as well, as we remember our favourites from waaaay back:

Max and I were visiting my Granny Margo, and on the way there he held my hand and said, "Let's skip!" It's a line from one of the 'Little Bear' books by Else Homelund Minarik. These are such sweet stories, and perfect for "Read It Yourself"-ing. They are illustrated by Maurice Sendak, and make you feel all warm and snuggly. Beautiful, loving stories! (Of course, we skipped all the way to Margo's and arrived all out of breath. What must the neighbourhood think?) There are several 'Little Bear' books, all lovely.

The 'Curious George' stories are great... no matter what trouble he gets into, this endearing character has everything turn out okay in the end. So many commenters and emailers said "What about Curious George?" that I can't leave him out! I even like Curious George on TV, which for me, is saying something.

'The Paper Bag Princess' is my all-time favourite Robert Munch book. Elizabeth's boyfriend, the handsome Prince Ronald,  is carried off by a dragon, and she rescues her Prince with great wit and bravery. He says "Your hair is full of ashes and you are WEARING A PAPER BAG! come back when you are dressed like a real princess!" She tells him that his clothes are very nice "but you are a toad", and goes off into the sunset. ALL little girls should have this storybook! Robert Munch's other books are great too, cunningly illustrated and totally original.

I really love 'Five Minutes Peace', by Jill Murphy. Mom goes to have a bath all by herself, with the newspaper and a cup of tea. EVENTUALLY, she gets three minutes and forty-seven seconds of peace, but not in the bath! A real giggle for us Mommies!

'Mister Magnolia', by Quentin Blake, with typical Quentin Blake illustrations... a classic! Mister Magnolia has only one boot, but it doesn't stop him in this fun rhyme!

We just re-read 'Alice In Wonderland', a version illustrated by Helen Oxenbury. I was not sure about having different illustrations, but now that we've read it we think we like Helen Oxenbury's pictures even better than the originals. They are a little more modern, which makes the story more meaningful for our littles.

Enid Blyton's 'Enchanted Wood' books were favourites when I was little: I was addicted. Sam and Max both adored them too. I was reading with a little girl at school last week, and she was reading 'The Enchanted Wood', so I interviewed her! She gave all of Enid Blyton's books two thumbs up, and I give them two, so that's four! Enid Blyton's appeal crosses generations.

'Two Frogs' by Chris Wormell has made us all, including Sean, roll on the floor with laughter. I love the illustrations, the expressions on the frogs' faces... very funny, and with a moral. Sort of.

I'm really enjoying revisiting our favourite books! We've been borrowing them again from the library, and remembering our favourite bits, and talking about them... It's been such fun. I've got more to re-read, and please keep your suggestions and reminders coming.

I've got a list for older kids too, when we've exhausted these!


Anonymous said…
Every girl should know that the Prince for her is the one who falls in love with her DESPITE her hair being full of ashes and the fact that she is WEARING A PAPER BAG! Worked for me ;)
Yes! Yes! Enchanted Wood! My fav too when I was growing up.Just.Just got my youngest addicted to it.
My children aspire to be Quentin Blakes.
We love anything by Roald Dahl. The Enormous Crocodile. Dirty Beasts.
James Finn Garner politically correct stories.
Of course there is the whole other world of books where words aren't necessary..."A Boy, A Dog, and a Frog", "One Frog Too Many" Mercer Mayer...
A long standing favorite is also "Guess how much I love you". Generates quite a competition at tuck-in time.

Nan Sheppard said…
All good! The Politically Correct stories are too funny. And have you seen "The three little wolves and the big bad pig"? Lawse!
Anonymous said…
I used to read The Paper Bag Princess to students every year for the Great American Read Aloud--I introduced it as a "feminist fairy tale." WHAT a great story!