Great Things Are Afoot

Great Things Are A Foot, so I've been painting my toenails red in reddiness. I am GOING TO TRINIDAD soon! My sister is there now, trying on her wedding dress and arranging tents and flowers. Max and I will jet there, away from the frozen wastes of Bournemouth, and spend a week decorating, partying, and packing our remaining possessions to be shipped here. Only a week, but hey, sleep is overrated. I can squeeze plenty of fun into a week! I have willing friends coming to help me pack: Sharon, who has just had a baby boy, and Kelli, who has injured her back. "What use are YOU guys going to be??" I asked, and they said that they'd make sure the wine kept flowing. I'm taking applications for able-bodied packing assistants!

Sean, Chas and Sam are jealous, and I'll miss them, but it's only a week my sweeties, and I promise I won't have time to loll on the beach!

We've had a great weekend. Sean's birthday, Beans visiting, had a babysitter come so that we could go to a pub where a couple of guitarists were strumming. Last night friends came over and we had a party, with great food and CAKE and candles, the works!

Today, after the dreariest week we've experienced so far in Bournemouth, the sun came out and shone like mad, so we dragged our hungover selves out of bed, cleaned up the party and headed out towards the beach via Boscombe Chine Gardens... a really nice walk in the sun. About a zillion people had the same idea as us! I love living walking distance from the beach.

I felt so HAPPPPPEEEE! with the sun shining on me. I'm like an iguana, when it's grey and cloudy I just go into a coma. It seems silly to let the weather get me down, but it really does. A re-charge of my solar cells in Trinidad will be just what I need to get me through to Spring! And Max needs to see that everything's the same in Trinidad and he hasn't missed out. I remember feeling homesick, and "Going Back" curing me. I hope it does the same for Max ... and doesn't backfire when it's time to leave again!


Anonymous said…
I can FEEL your excitement in this post! Yay for you!!!
Unknown said…
Oh, I envy you. This is about the time of year that #1 Son and I were in Trinidad - in fact, I just went back and looked and found that we left Chicago on the 23rd of January, '09. So the 29th of January is the day we were in the Botanical Gardens, painting. Tuesdays must have been so special for you - I know that day was special for me. Have a good trip home.
Wacky Mommy said…
Have a super-fun time, and besos y abrazos to your sis and her partner.

loving the book reviews, thank you! so many old and new favorites -- I missed a lot of these titles growing up.
Audubon Ron said…
Well, you don't look like an iguana. I don't get to travel anywhere much anymore. For 237 years in my past life I traveled on business everywhere, seemed like all the time. I miss it.