I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

I was walking home today, thinking "Hmmmmm, what to cook for supper?" and when I opened the door I smelled the delicious aroma of Lamb and Barley Stew (my recipe is the best, just so you know), and remembered that I had thrown it together in the Crockpot in about three minutes before I left home. Brilliant! I underestimate even my own capacity for organization.

My yoga session yesterday has me STIFF everywhere! (but niiiice stiff, you know when your muscles say 'aaaahhhhh'?) I had taken a break because I hurt my elbow (overdoing the heavy lifting) and the acupuncture guy said "NO using the arm until it's better!" Well it's better, acupuncture being amazing, and I need to get yoga-fit again. Uuuurgh, my muscles! I was still careful with my arm, of course. I don't want ever to have elbow pain again. Not being able to lift things or push things is so annoying.

I have Happy News! Max and I are heading to Trinidad for a week soon, for my sister's wedding! (Ailis left earlier, and we've been texting. It's funny how we can't do without one another now!) I'm so looking forward to it. It's going to be a busy busy time: I get there just in time to DECORATE and have all of the last-minute panics with my nearest and dearest. My best-best friends are going to visit me and help me to decorate, and Max and I have a rainforest hike planned in Brasso Seco. I will also be doing our final packing of stuff to ship here to Bournemouth. I expect friends will help me to pack too! And yes, we only have a week. It's going to be mad.

I'm sitting here is lovely peace, listening to "Enya". Every five minutes, someone comes in and turns it off, to play guitar. Chas is learning Metallica- "One", it's the new craze around here. Then he wanders out again. So I turn my music back on. And Sam comes in, playing Darkness- "I Believe In A Thing Called Love". I say "Go away and play somewhere else!" and they say "But it's too NOISY everywhere else!" No, it's noisy where YOU are, I don't say.

Now it's Pearl Jam. At least they haven't got electric guitars. Yet. Or drums. I can't concentrate, so I'll admit defeat and go wash the dishes or something.


Anonymous said…
I miss the boys playing guitar here...I can't wait until summer when they pick it up again. Or "pick at it again." Ha ha.
Lovely news about your trip! That will be nice for you.
witchypoo said…
Here's to an awesome trip back to Trinidad!
Unknown said…
Have a good trip back to Paradise. And as for Enya ... Her older sister is good, too. Moira Brennan. She is the founder of Clannad. But if I can recommend a personal favorite - Vienna Teng.