Ice Skating! Where Normal People Fall Over Spectacularly!

It’s coooold out there, and there’s ice on the roads. Some of us stay close to home drinking hot chocolate and reading our way through the heaps of books we got for Christmas, and when we must go out we go slooowly. Others of us complain bitterly that the icy roads and pavements has to be someone’s fault, and pontificate at length. To each his own. This family felt that it would be great to begin the new year by trying something new, and since falling over on the ice is foremost in everyone’s minds, we decided ice skating at the BIC would be just the thing.

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Unknown said…
I love to ice skate. I also like to keep my feet warm, which is not what you expect to be able to do when you have skates on, so I don't get to skate as much as I used to. So you tell your boys to do some skating for me. Pictures?
Anonymous said…
Good work out indeed! What a cool place to go, too.