It's Just Not Faaaair!

So okay, it's my own fault. I came to England in the summer-berry (and double cream) season and ate huge fryups for weeks, only switching to muesli and healthy stuff when it was TOO LATE! I totally understand where the extra weight has come from. But WHYYYYY oh WHYYYYY couldn't some of it have gone to my boobs? My ass, even! Why the mid-section spread? I've always wanted boobs and an ass. No-one ever said "Oh me oh my, how I wish for a larger waist, as long as my boobs would just keep hanging there."

Anyway. On to more important things. (Not that my waistline isn't IMPORTANT, but I'm dealing with it. Today I did Karen's "Bliss Yoga" hour-and-a-half yoga CD, which is good for body AND soul.)

My computer needs a total factory re-thingy. It's had a problem since it was new, nothing serious, just "hmmmm...", and when I got in touch with Dell I ended up emailing back and forth with a Venezuelan technician. He emailed in Spanish, and I emailed in English, and we understood one another and got along okay. He talked me through dismantling the back of my machine and reseating things, and then we uploaded stuff, (all in Spanish) and the problem was much improved. Muchas Gracias, Dell Venezuela!

Anyway, the computer now refuses to charge at all, so I spoke to Dell again and living in a developed country is so awesome! They speak English, to begin with, and are raring to come and fix things. Sean reported his own Dell bugs, and a guy was here in a flash with new bits, advice and brilliance. So I'm going to have my own bugs sorted out, but first I have to back everything up. That should be fun!

Tomorrow, Preschool book review! All of the boys' old favourites. I've got a list going. Any suggestions/reminders?


Unknown said…
Backup should be easy. I forget who the big electronics retailer is in England, but they should have an external hard drive, (for 60 maybe 70 pounds - a lot of money, I know) that comes with software that will not only back up your system, but will continuously back up changes to your system - as long as it's plugged into a USB port. Check it out.

Imagine this - you create a document and save it to your hard drive. It gets backed up. In the course of a week of editing, you make 5 changes to the document - each change saved to the hard drive as you make them. At the end of the week, you have the document at EACH STAGE of development, available to look at, go back to, whatever.

Look into that - not only to facilitate this repair - but also to do going forward - permanently.
Audubon Ron said…
Tell me about the unfairness of it. I got no boobs. I was once a trophy husband and now my hair line and my butt are in a race to see who gets to my heels first.
Anonymous said…
Bummer about the belly weight--I have the SAME problem.
Glad your computer is going to make it.
My sons LOVED Max & Ruby books and still love Curious George.
Nan Sheppard said…
Thanks, GreenGirl. Audubon Ron, I've never HEARD of a Trophy Husband, I'm impressed! Lou, looking into external hard-drive. Seems like the best option.
thanks for reminding me that I need to start up the old yoga practice does me good. Difficult to get motivated in the middle of a cold winter, though.

Can't wait for you book reviews. I love love love childrens books.