Sunday, 24 January 2010


Now I'll have to call her MRS Skin-And-Blister.

It was ...*sigh*... so beautiful. Ailis looked like a fairytale princess, Dan was the proudest husband ever, and I sobbed my mascara into my daddy's shirt collar. None of that genteel eye-wipey church-crying for me, no siree! I hope the photographers didn't notice.

Trinidad is as beautiful, chaotic and vibrant as ever. Today Max and I will head to our old house to finish packing, with the "help" of a bunch of friends who say they're bringing food and wine. It's one of those events that went from being a serious "Okay, here's the plan" to "Plan? What plan?" It's going to be another happy day... and if not much actual packing gets done, there's tomorrow as well. But I have a feeling that, in traditional fashion, the packing WILL get done, quickly, sensibly, with no stress for me, and much merriment, wine and laughter. It'll be good to have assistance to get the heavy books and records down from the attic, and lists written.

Max is having a great time. Everywhere he goes people say "How tall you've grown! And you're so grown-up!" which does a kid good. He's seen many of his friends, and he's done the Macarena on his uncle's shoulders and babysat his little cousin. He's said, "Uuurrrgh, I'd forgotten how bad the traffic is..." Hopefully he'll head back home re-charged and knowing that Trinidad will always be here, nothing ever changes, no-one's forgotten him, and he can always come back. A Remedy for Homesickness!


Anonymous said...

smiling and so glad you're having a wonderful time--I had no doubt your sister was a gorgeous bride. said...

Going back for a wedding! What a happy time and reason for returning! I hope every time you go home you feel all the joy you felt this time!

witchypoo said...

Congratulations to your sis! Lovely that you and Max got to attend!

Wacky Mommy said...

Ah, beautiful sisters and their beautiful weddings. I know them well. Glad you guys had fun.