The Tree That Grew To The Moon

This was one of Chas' favourite stories when he was very little. We read it so often together that we knew it by heart.

Lena finds an uprooted sapling on a very hot day, and takes it home. She would like to plant it in her bedroom, and Lena and her mother imagine what would happen if she does! Beautiful illustrations, quirky story. I wonder whatever became of our copy?


Anonymous said…
I'm going to look for some new books for Zara while I'm in Gatwick, and home. This is on the list. Any other pre-school recommendations?
Nan Sheppard said…
Theresa, I really loved John Yeoman and Quentin Blake's "The Wild Washerwomen", it is HILARIOUS and great for girls. Most empowering!!

A good illustrated book of fairy tales is essential. At Zara's age, illustrations are important because the kids can "Read" along just by looking at the pictures, and that gives them so much confidence.

All of Eric Carle: The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and so on.

Enid Blyton's tales! Easy vocabulary, and a good introduction to chapter books.

I will think on it some more. Off to the library this morning, so I will see what jogs my memory and do a post. Don't be afraid to read "above her age", you would be surprised how much she takes in.

Winnie the Pooh, of course.

OH and, POETRY! Silly ones, serious ones, short ones to learn by heart... get the memory exercised!
Anonymous said…
Thanks. I had the caterpillar one in mind. And I have one really nice Pooh poetry book, will look for more. I didn't think about Enid Blyton for her yet, but if I find any with really good illustrations, I'll definitely get them. I find the traditional fairy tales too violent! Wicked, murderous step-mothers, hungry wolves wanting to eat people... I'm not ready for that yet!! I can't wait to start Roald Dahl with her. I LOVED him :)
Islandgirl said…
And don't forget Edward Lear and his poems T! The Owl and the Pussy Cat, The Pobble with No to the ears!