Awesome Parenting Advice, As Usual

I'm writing about parenting again, folks, over at GNM Parents, and YOU KNOW I'm an expert.

Last week I got onto my soapbox and told everyone about the wonderful internet games your kids can play and how it has been fun and positive to have internet games for the kids.

And this week I wrote about the little stinkers skipping homework to play games and being rude about it, and the consequenses of THAT.

Ahhhh, parenting. Don't ever think you've got the knack of it!!

Comments said…
Oh, I SO remember those days! When I would get excited about finding something educational for them to do on the computer and they would love it and do it endlessly... to the exclusion of all else! Heh! That's when they started getting limits on how much time they could be on the computer.
Gawd, that was sooo long ago... now just try to peel ME off the computer when I'm playing freecell. ;-)
Anonymous said…
I hope my boys understand that they get to play a lot of games while the weather is inhospitable. It all ends once the thermometer reads 50 or over!!!