Well, I'm Not Feeling WORSE...

Maybe I'm feeling a little better? I dunno.

The Dell guy is coming today, so at least my laptop should be feeling better soon. If you don't see me online, it's because my laptop has gone to the laptop hospital. It'll probably have to go, we've tried a few things and I have a feeling major stuff has to be done. Maybe I should go too!

It's frustrating, losing all of my settings and stuff, putting it back, losing it again... This is IT folks, this computer is going to be working or I'll make some serious noise about it.

In Trinidad this week, everyone is preparing for Carnival. They've been hitting the Gym since September, paying thousands of dollars for costumes and getting their tights, shoes, makeup, hair and costume 'adjustments' exactly right. Sean is there! He's tying up some loose ends, and he's got work to do, but he'll also party!

I don't really mind missing it, I don't HAVE to play Mas' every year, and I did play last year. It's easier to be far away and NOT hearing the music trucks passing outside! For pictures from last year see HERE and HERE.

Man, looking at those photos is... not easy!

The sun is shining today, in fact it's beautiful! We have a week's half-term holiday next week, and Sam's best friend is coming to stay with his mum and sister. They lived in Trinidad for several years as well, so Vicky and I can weep together about missing Carnival! I've got the music from last year... Cousins are coming over as well, and we have fun hikes and ice skating planned. Fun!


Audubon Ron said…
We have carnival here too. I live an hour from New Orleans. We call it Mardi Gras. Sorry about the Dell. A friend of mine asked her brother, a computer geek, what computer she should buy and he told her to go to Dell. I said, “It’s not nice to tell your sister to go to Dell.” Get it? Go to dell/hell? Oh, never mind. :)
Unknown said…
I want to go back so badly. I loved the time my son and I spent there. But then - you're not there anymore. Oh well. There's always Tuesdays in the Park, painting.
Anonymous said…
I wondered how you were taking no Carnival this year. That and a sick computer--you poor woman.
Nan Sheppard said…
Okay, the Dell guy came and 'fixed' it, and it's still having all of exactly the same problems as always. I may just fall out of love with Dell now.
need you a macbook babe. Then it will be Carnival every single day!