I Thought It Was Supposed To Be SPRING?

So, what, it doesn't just get all permanently warm and sunny on March 21st?

Weather here is weird. On Saturday it was rainy, grey, cold and miserable. On Sunday it was SUNNY and NICE and we went to the beach and even took our long-sleevies off! Yes, folks, for one brief, exciting moment, there were T-Shirts on the beach. Bare feet. Ice cream!

And now it's all rainy, grey, cold (coooooooollllldddd...) and miserable again.



It's rainy, gray and cold here, too, after a 70 degree weekend!

Unknown said…
Funny. Your weather in Old Blighty sound JUST like the weather in The Windy City. We're. like, TWINS. Except you're prettier.
Ditto! Gorgeous weekend, sunny and lovely. Now the cool, misty fog is so thick I can't see my neighbor's house. Yuck, it was such a tease!
Anonymous said…
send us a drop

vicki's plants

(This drought is having it's toll on us. My beloved hills are on fire and even our poui trees look rather sad (and they're supposed to herald in the rain!)
Nan Sheppard said…
Oh, Trinis, I wish I could send you all some rain! Or even a cool breeze!
BAH!! to dreary weather.
I have had to get out of bed, and come downstairs, and put on shoes, and go outside, to stop a drip drip drip drip drip on a heliconia leaf under my bedroom window. Driving me BANANAS.
But guess what? Drips only happen when it has rained.
A nice shower, at 11:00 pm. Glory Be!!
Love it!

Audubon Ron said…
Sorry, spring false alarm.
Anonymous said…
We're still snowing :(
Anonymous said…
Yeah, that's pretty much how April is in our state. A cruel season.